We often feel frustrated when we have to attend work meetings that are said to be “important”, but the discussion in them is not very important at all. It may be true that the work meeting will convey important information that we need to know. However, the material and information that is delivered is sometimes out of focus that has been set, so that takes place very long-winded.


Bete? Upset? Definitely! Yet with the time that has been wasted, we can do other work tasks, which is certainly more important. He said the meeting was very important because it would discuss the “renewal of team members”, but in fact the opening of the work meeting was very long and ineffective. Maybe we want to say goodbye out of the meeting room and continue with other more important work.


However, what happens if the work meeting is a suggestion from our manager, client, business partner, or colleague who has a high influence? Can we avoid that? In this article, we will give a leak about how to get out of work meetings that are not important? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Have a Very Important Work Meeting Standard. 

As we have realized, not all work meetings have very high urgency. There are some work meetings that look very important, but the to-do list that will be delivered has no effect on us. In fact, it can be said that the work meeting did not bring any kindness to all members of the meeting.


To avoid this, each of us needs to have a standard work meeting that is considered very important to attend. Try asking ourselves, “does the work meeting contain an agenda for making important decisions relating to us and many people?”. For example, if the invitation to the work meeting that we get contains an agenda to decide whether we will choose project A or project B as the next big project, then this work meeting is very important.


However, if the meeting agenda is only about introducing a few new employees in the office and a little brief introduction to all new employees, then we can ask permission not to attend the work meeting. Not attending a meeting does not mean underestimating, but we need to be selective in determining priorities. After all, we can get to know the new employees at a later time, not when we have a pile of work.


In addition, other important standards can be work meetings that provide strategic direction for all of our employees and team members. Work meetings with agendas like this are very important to attend because we will have an idea of ​​how to develop an effective vision and strategy for achieving common goals.


For example, a work meeting for the initial project meeting, there is a brainstorming session where all employees will get important information related to new work assignments and bright ideas that are relevant to the new project.


2. Not Approve Application for Work Meetings as Quickly as Possible. 

If a fellow reader gets an email, invitation or phone call to invite colleagues to attend a work meeting, then don’t immediately give a “yes” response as soon as possible. We could be trapped by meetings or meetings that actually do not give any effect to us.


Especially if the reader is a famous and influential person like, a CEO whose company is at the peak of success. A golden situation like this will get your fellow readers to get a variety of invitations to work meetings or meetings that may be completely irrelevant to your business and company. The reason, they really want the presence of a fellow reader as a guest star or speaker at the events they hold.


In this case, the fellow reader can ask the assistant to choose each invitation for a work meeting that comes. Some important points to consider when getting an invitation to a work meeting are:

– What topics will be presented at work meetings? Is that relevant to us?

– When will the work meeting take place and where is it located?

– How long is the duration of the work meeting?

– Who will be there?

– What decisions need to be taken at the meeting? (this question is from the first point above). That way, we can determine whether the meeting is very important to attend or can be passed just like that?


Time is a very valuable asset for the lives of all people, don’t waste our time on something that is not of high value for work. This doesn’t mean we have to be arrogant or don’t care about other people, but using time as effectively as possible needs to be applied from now on.


3. Offer Work Meetings through Other Media. 

A third solution might be chosen if the organizers of the work meeting really need our presence, ideas and opinions at the meeting, but our conditions do not allow it to be present. For example, fellow readers are going on a business trip that is quite far from the location of the work meeting. As CEO, the role and presence of fellow readers is needed in the meeting, because there are some issues that must be taken immediately. In this case, fellow readers can offer other ways, for example work meetings via video call or conference call.

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