How to get a man’s attention without looking desperate

In the game of love and in the seriousness to formalize a relationship, many things happen. But they all start, without a doubt, in capturing the attention of the man who interests them. Allow me to share some ideas?

1. Men are visual beings

They like to watch and observe, and women know it, but we misinterpret or misuse this information. We know that men are visual and we undress. Obviously, we get your attention the wrong way, so the results are not ideal for starting a family.

When a woman shows her body inappropriately, it will draw the attention not only of one man, but of many – those who do not want serious relationships, let alone be responsible parents or husbands. Getting a man’s attention does involve highlighting our feminine attributes, but to attract those who want to be parents and spouses the best idea is not to show our body. They look for women who, by their appearance, can see themselves as future faithful mothers and wives. Good hygiene, a pleasant aroma, a personal and unique style draws a lot of attention. Makeup and a deep neckline speak volumes about your personality, values ​​and way of thinking.

2. Men like to conquer

If the first step is for him to notice your existence and you have already captured his attention, the second is the most interesting challenge for you: men like to conquer, but very often they need a little help. Show interest in your conversations, your tastes, allow him to be gentle and gentle with you; accept gifts and then reject others. It is a complex game of “stretching and loosening” of “cutting out” and allowing “to wrap yourself”.

It is curious, but men like challenges and some difficulty in winning a woman. It can be very easy to talk to you and have fun, share things and feel confident, but a very different one – and one that you should make clear – is to touch you or to have some bigger pretension that you don’t want or don’t allow.

3. They love being in love with a woman

The details, the sincere displays of attention and affection, melt a man’s heart. Appealing to their culinary tastes does not fail, making a compliment that reaches their masculinity, intelligence or skills, are things that they value a lot. Men love femininity, but they often abuse feminine weakness; so be very smart by being feminine, but not weak. It is preferable for a man to have doubts about a relationship with a strong woman, than to be sure that he will have a relationship where a weak woman dominates.

Show your personality, be honest in what you like and what you don’t like. Ask him about his tastes and his life, listen to him with genuine interest and never change or do anything just to please him or to suit his tastes. After all, it doesn’t work.

4. They like to be indispensable, so be independent and live your life

What a contradiction! As well? The key, as in everything, is balance and just measure. Men want women whom they can protect and help, to be something like their knights on a golden steed; but when the princess doesn’t know how to do anything but ask for help for everything, they get bored and go look for some dragon to fight, because being in the castle listening to the princess dramas is the most depressing thing that can exist.

When a woman lives her life, has goals and knows where she wants to go, it becomes irresistible for a man. But that only applies to the intelligent man, who values ​​it and feels inspired to try and be a better person, to be up to it. Such a woman never goes unnoticed.


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