Genshin Impact: How to play with a controller on PC

If you have questions about how to configure and play with controllers for the PC and Android and iOS version of Genshin Impact, here we help you configure the control.


  1. How to play with controller on PC?
  2. How to play with a controller on Android and iOS?

The new free to play hit, Genshin Impact , is taking millions of players around the world by storm. The game is available for download on various platforms and also offers cross-play , so many players can enjoy it on PC, PS4 consoles or mobile phones, but what if we want to play on computer or Android and iOS with a controller ? It’s possible? In this section of our complete guide we help you configure a control to play Genshin Impact.

How to play with a controller on PC?

Is it possible to play Genshin Impact with a computer controller? Of course. This version of the game is compatible with controllers for Xbox One, Xbox One Elite and PlayStation 4 , as confirmed by miHoYo on their frequently asked questions website .

To play with a controller on PC, it should be enough to connect the controller to any USB port on your computer and start the game. The application itself would have to recognize the controller right away and that’s it.

Compatibility issues?

In case you have a problem setting up your controller and playing Genshin Impact on PC, for example because the game doesn’t detect it, keep the following in mind:

  • If when connecting the controller the game does not detect it, go to the “Control Panel” systemof your computer.
  • Go to “Device and printers”and check if the controller of your remote control appears connected.
  • Detect if there is a virtual controllerthat is giving problems.
  • Make sure there are no multiple devices connectedto your PC as controllers as the game has trouble detecting the correct one. It is recommended to have only one controller connected.

From miHoYo they ensure that they continue to optimize the experience and compatibility of the controls on PC and beg for patience.

How to play with a controller on Android and iOS?

Sadly, the Android and iOS version of Genshin Impact does not currently support game controller support . However, those responsible have confirmed that in the next update to version 1.3, iOS mobiles will be compatible with external controllers . Specifically, iOS 14 or higher devices will be able to work with these controls:

  • Xbox Wireless Controller (Bluetooth).
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (2nd Generation).
  • PlayStation DualShock 4 controller.
  • Bluetooth driver for iOS devices (some Bluetooth drivers will not be supported).

The Android mobile version is out of this option for now. There is currently no way to connect a controller to enjoy the game on these devices. However, miHoYo may be working to offer future support. We will have to remain attentive to future news of the company and hope that this possibility will finally be added later.

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