Genshin Impact: How to get Starburst and Stardust

We’ll tell you how you can get Starlight and Stardust in Genshin Impact, two types of coins that can be exchanged for valuable items in the in-game store.


  1. How to get Starlight
  2. How to get Stardust

The shine star and Stardust are two types of coins of Genshin Impact that can be used in the store of the game to exchange for various valuable items. In this section of our complete guide, we show you the ways that exist to get Stardust and Stardust and how you can use each of them.

How to get Starlight


The Starlight can only be obtained from the Gachapon, making wishes . It is a fairly rare coin, so it is only obtained as an additional reward when we receive a character that we already have when making a wish.

That is, you will only get Starlight when you are repeatedly touched by a character in a wish. The amounts of Starburst you receive for this depends on the rarity of the character you get and the number of times you have already doubled it.

  • For 5-star characters: Youreceive 10 Starburst (when you have doubled the character between 2 and 7 times) or 25 Starlight (when you have doubled the character 8 times or more).
  • For 4-star characters: Youreceive 2 Starburst (when you have doubled the character between 2 and 7 times) or 5 Starlight (when you have doubled the character 8 times or more).

What can you buy with Starlight?

The Starlight you get can be exchanged in its own section of the Shop, within the Paimon Bargains section . Mainly these items can be purchased:

  • Intertwined Fates and Fate Encounters – Inexchange for 5 stellar brightness.
  • Characters :You can spend 34 star glow to buy a character that appears in the shop (only for a limited time, they rotate).
  • Weapons and Materials:You can also exchange varying amounts of Starburst for high-rarity weapons and materials.

Of course, a great way to spend star shine is buying characters with him , since these are the most valuable in the game and in this way is the only way to get them fully insured (since they appear randomly in the wishes). If you have starburst to spare, it’s the best you can invest it in.

How to get Stardust

Stardust is somewhat less valuable than Starburst, but just as useful. It is also achieved by making wishes in the Gachapon. You will receive 15 Unowned Stardust with every weapon you get when making a wish , regardless of its star rarity.

What can you buy with Stardust?

Stardust can be spent in the Shop section, in its own Bargain section of Paimon, on the following items:

  • Intertwined Fates and Fate Encounters: Inexchange for 75 Stardust, maximum 5 times per month (currently there is a 40% discount on this action).
  • Adventurer EXP x3:in exchange for 8 stardust, to raise the level of your characters, maximum 100 times per month.
  • Refinement Ore:in exchange for 5 Stardust, to strengthen your weapons and artifacts, maximum 60 times per month.
  • Blackberries x10000:in exchange for 10 stardust , maximum 30 times per month.
  • Other Materials: Inexchange for 5 Stardust, Mixed Materials.

In this case, the best investment for Stardust is to use it to buy destinations , since the rest of things such as adventurer EXP, blackberries and others can be easily obtained by playing and doing all kinds of missions as well as opening chests around the world.

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