Genshin Impact – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will tell you how to play Genshin Impact: how to level up quickly, how to resurrect a character, how to get to an island in the middle of the sea, and much more

The success of Genshin Impact came as a surprise to everyone, including the developers themselves. The game turned out to be at the same time colorful, easy to learn and rich in interesting mechanics. In a beautiful fantasy world, as if from Hayao Miyazaki’s cartoons, you just want to live, simultaneously saving him from the dark forces and every day preparing new dishes at the stake.

The basic mechanics of Genshin Impact are reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Breath if the Wild . But there are many other mechanics, as well as various secrets and subtleties. In this guide, we have collected answers to the most common questions that newcomers to the game have.

Questions before starting the game

What genre is the game?

Co-op Action-RPG with MMO elements.

Which server should you choose?

If you live in Russia or the CIS, then choose the “Europe” server. Even if “America” ​​or another region is initially selected.

Which phone will pull?

Among iPhones, developers recommend the eighth or newer model. For Android devices, Snapdragon 845 or Kirin 810 processors are recommended. But at minimum settings, the game will run on weaker devices.

How to enable (open) settings?

Press the Esc key or tap on the Paimon icon in the upper left corner of the smartphone screen.

How to set up controls / how to change controls on a gamepad / how to connect a gamepad?

The controls on the keyboard can be reconfigured for yourself. But a gamepad is not allowed. If after starting the game the gamepad does not work, then switch the control mode in the settings.

How do I open a card?

The M key or the map icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Genshin Impact Walkthrough

How to quickly pump / increase Adventure Rank?

Go through the story and use the bonuses issued by the game to level up.

How to play co-op (with a friend) / how to invite a friend?

You must first reach Adventure Rank 16. After that, a friend can be invited through his UID (number in the lower right corner of the screen) in the “Friends” menu.

How to delete a character / how to delete (reset) an account / how to start the game over?

To start the game over, create a new account. The old one can be removed through the game support in the main menu.

How to get out of a chair

Press the jump button.

How to fly?

The Krulja (Glider) will be issued shortly after you reach the town of Mondsstadt in the game’s prologue. To use it, you need to jump off the cliff and press the jump button in the air again.

How to break a triple seal?

There are three statues in three monster camps to be destroyed. When you take the quest “Break the Seal of the Graveyard of Swords”, look for the camps around Dadaup Gorge.

How to open Cecilia’s garden?

You need to find four spirits around this location and lead them to the altar near the entrance to the garden.

What to do after completing the story?

The content available after completing the story is called “endgame”. At the moment, these are mainly high-level dungeons, bosses and equipment.

Genshin Impact Characters

How to get Venti?

Venti is not given in the story and cannot be bought directly yet. But it can be obtained if the appropriate set is selected when performing the Prayer. Prayer requires a premium currency of the same name. Characters drop out only for every 10 prayers.

How do I unlock characters?

  1. Many characters are given out during the passage of the plot.
  2. Others are knocked out by Prayer – after which random rewards are given. To perform a prayer, you need a premium currency of the same name, which can be exchanged for the Stones of the Source (issued as a reward for many activities in the game).
  3. Also, some characters can be purchased for real money in the in-game store.

How to pray?

You need a premium prayer currency that can be exchanged for Source Stones. The latter give as a reward for many activities.

How to change character / how to change heroes?

Press the number keys. If you are playing with a gamepad, then click on the D-pad. The rest of the characters can be added to quick access through the main menu.

What are the best heroes?

It all depends on your style of play, but the abilities of the heroes often need to be combined with each other. Therefore, the question is not entirely correct. Among the 23 heroes available on release, there are a number of heroes with the same element. It is better that representatives of different elements are always with you.

What characters can you get for free / what heroes are given in the story?

In the prologue, Amber, Keia and Lisa are given out. With new additions to the plot, new characters may appear, given out for free, along the way.

How to resurrect a character?

Prepare Teivat Scrambled Eggs and use on the dead character.

How to change the composition of the team?

Through the main menu or in cities.

What to give Lisa?

Vegetable radish soup. It can be purchased at the restaurant.

What do character stars give?

By the number of stars, you can understand how powerful the character is. Heroes with 5 stars have the best stats and are the most effective in combat for their level.

How do I send heroes on an expedition?

You can send unused characters on an expedition to collect resources. But first you need to reach Adventure Rank 14.

Items, equipment and crafting in Genshin Impact

How to improve an artifact?

No way. Look for more powerful artifacts.

What are the best items?

Items have a star rating. Focus on the rating.

How to get the chest on the pillar?

If you climb too high, then reinforce your strength with food or elixirs right during the process.

How to get to the chest?

Similar to the previous question.

How to put on wings?

Wings can be changed in the equipment menu.

How do you handle ingredients?

Find a cooking pot by one of the campfires in the game. Processing ingredients requires time that cannot be spent outside the game.

How to get iron?

Iron ore is mined with melee weapons and elemental forces.

How do I change weapons?

Each character has its own weapon class. But you can replace weapons within a class with a more powerful one through the character menu in the “Weapons” section.

Where to find misty flowers?

Near water bodies. You can get them by using the opposite element – Fire.

Where to find Midnight Jade?

Can be purchased from the Wuwan Slopes gem merchant.

Where can I find radishes?

In the suburbs of Mondstadt, in the countryside.

Where can I find wheat?

Similar to the previous question.

Where to find lotus?

Near lakes in the Li Yue region (see world map).

Explore the world of Genshin Impact

How to get to Storm Dread Lair?

You will find this place during the passage of the story. To get inside, you will have to clear the location before entering the lair from enemies.

How to get to the island / how to get to the island in the middle of the sea?

Stock up on items to restore stamina and food. Take them while flying off the cliff in the northeast of the continent.

How to get to the Twisted Abyss?

This is a special endless reward dungeon that can only be accessed from Adventure Rank 20. A test of the same name will appear, which you will need to accept and follow the markers on the map.

How to teleport / how to use portals?

First, the portal must be activated by going to it, and then it will be accessible through the world map.

Where to find wild boars?

Far from the city and other peaceful places – in the wilderness.

Where can I find the Stone of the Past?

At the Statue of the Seven Archons in the Li Yue region


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