Genshin Impact Character Guide

For the most effective advancement in the Genshin Impact game, you need to select the most effective team of 4 heroes. But there are as many as 23 characters in the game. Even at the beginning of the passage of the plot, 3 of them are given out for free, and the 4th is the main character. There are still 19 characters that can be obtained shareware or paid, as well as the second version of the main character, which again can be obtained by going through the story.

Next, we tell you which characters you should pay special attention to, which ones to avoid and how best to assemble a squad.

What are the worst Genshin Impact characters?

First you need to decide who to avoid. Basically, the worst characters are those that are given out according to the plot:

  • Empirically, players have found that she deals damage per second (DPS) less than all other characters, and the effectiveness of perks is extremely low. At the beginning of the game, Ember is only suitable for lighting torches in some puzzles, then it is better to replace her with another hero of the elements Pyro (fire).
  • If Amber is the weakest character in general, then Lisa is only among the heroes of the Elektro element. Her standard attacks deal too little damage, and her elemental skill takes too long to charge and leaves her vulnerable.
  • Like Amber, Keia can be useful for solving some puzzles – for creating ice bridges on water. But in general, his abilities do not help the rest of the group in any way.
  • Traveler (main character). At the beginning of the game, he masters the element of Anemo (wind), then in the middle of the plot it will be possible to switch to Geo (earth). In battle, the first version is more useful, since the skills are at least compatible with the abilities of other characters: we lift enemies into the air with an elemental explosion, and then we hit with a chain lightning, and so on. But the Geo version will only come in handy when solving puzzles.

What are the best Genshin Impact characters?

Basically, those that can be obtained shareware or paid:

  • The best support character in the game, who also deals a lot of damage. Both perks immobilize enemies and lift them into the air. Then they can be shot from the bow of Venti himself or use the forces of another hero.
  • The strongest melee character. Two-handed swords, coupled with fire perks, deal massive amounts of damage per second. Can complement Venti well, even despite the other element.
  • An invincible magician in skillful hands. Attacks with a bow from a safe distance and rushes around the battlefield in the form of a raven, if you use the main perk. You can also use an elemental skill and, having summoned an electric raven, switch to another hero.
  • Qi Qi. A very effective healer. You need to switch to it in the third or fourth turn, when other characters have used their abilities. When attacking enemies hit by her perks, heals the entire group. Good for finishing off enemies and keeping your squad healthy.
  • Ke Qing. One of the best swordsmen in the game with very powerful Electro-abilities. Deals a lot of damage per second and moves quickly across the battlefield.
  • Xiang Ling. A powerful melee fighter on a par with Dilyuk. If the latter has all attacks directed forward, then Xiang Ling’s perks allow you to inflict a huge amount of Pyro damage (fire) in the area.

How to assemble a group in Genshin Impact?

  1. Choose an attacking fighter. You need a character that deals a lot of damage per second. Usually this is a hero with a melee weapon. Dilyuk, Ke Qing and Xiang Ling are best suited. But you can also leave the Traveler (the main character) in the form of the Wind, if you do not have rare characters.
  2. Choose your main support fighter. These are usually heroes who can stun, weaken, or immobilize enemies. Venti and Fischl are best. But most other characters of the same element as the attacking fighter will also be in place (this will increase the damage by 25%). The main thing is to own them well.
  3. Choose an additional support fighter. Another character who can complement the rest well. Better another element than the first two. If Venti or Fischl have not yet been involved, then it is best to take them. Or the main character in the form of Wind, if he has not yet been involved.
  4. Choose a healer. It will significantly increase the survivability of the team. However, they can be obtained only conditionally free of charge or for a fee. The healers in the game are Qi Qi, Jinn and Barbara. If you don’t have a healer, then take someone of the same element as the previous fighter.

Genshin Impact Character Rating – Best to Worst

At the end, check out the rating of all Genshin Impact heroes that players have brought up. The top lines are the most effective characters, and the bottom lines are the least effective. The element and weapon are indicated in brackets. Catalyst means that the character is not using a weapon.

  1. Venti(Wind, bow)
  2. Dilyuk(Fire, two-handed sword)
  3. Qi Qi(Ice, one-handed sword)
  4. Ke Qing(Electricity, one-handed sword)
  5. Fischl(Electricity, bow)
  6. Genie(Wind, one-handed sword)
  7. Raizor(Electricity, two-handed sword)
  8. Xiang Ling(Fire, staff)
  9. Zhong Yun(Ice, two-handed weapon)
  10. Mona(Water, catalyst)
  11. Barbara(Water, catalyst)
  12. Traveler(Wind, one-handed sword)
  13. Ning Guang(Earth, catalyst)
  14. Keia(Ice, one-handed sword)
  15. Traveler(Earth, one-handed sword)
  16. Klee(Fire, bombs)
  17. Xiao(Wind, staff)
  18. Bennett(Fire, one-handed sword)
  19. Lisa(Electricity, catalyst)
  20. Noelle(Earth, two-handed sword)
  21. Sucrose(Wind, catalyst)
  22. Xing Qiu(Water, one-handed sword)
  23. Bei Doe(Electricity, two-handed sword)
  24. Amber(Fire, bow)

In Genshin Impact, it’s not easy to collect all the characters you want. Therefore, bookmark this material (Ctrl + D) and periodically recheck the hero ratings and recommended units above. And we’ll add and update guides as new content and balance changes appear in the game.


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