How to Make a Sine Waveform in Excel – Quick and Easy

It is possible to insert charts within a cell in Excel . In fact, this app makes it easy to create a sine waveform easily and quickly. We recommend you read this article with which you will learn  How to make a sinusoidal waveform in Excel – easy and fast

What is a sine wave?

A sine wave or also called a “sine wave” is a wave pattern that is described by means of the sine and cosine function. The sine wave represents repetitive functions that refer to periodicity.

Every sine wave has a number of particular attributes such as wavelength , phase, and amplitude. Both the sine and cosine functions have an identical shape although the cosine shifts to the left with respect to the sine in a quarter of a cycle.

What is the sine wave used for?

A sine wave is used to describe natural phenomena or values ​​that change over time , for example the voltage that a power plant generates to provide electricity service.

How to Make a Sine Waveform in Excel – Quick and Easy

To make a sinusoidal waveform you need to make a list of points in order to cover at least one cycle of a sine wave . Later, you must create the graph with respect to the sine of these values. Next, we explain the steps you must follow to obtain a sinusoidal waveform in Excel.

Access Microsoft Excel

First, you must find the Microsoft Excel application and access it from the start menu or through the Windows desktop. Once you enter the program you will see a new spreadsheet where you must insert a set of values to build the sine wave.

Create the data list

To create the data list, insert at least nine values ​​ranging from zero to twice the value of π (Pi) . To achieve this, write the letter x in cell A1 and “sin (x)” in cell B1 (without the quotation marks).

In cell A2 write the value 0 and 0.785 in cell A3 which is equal to a quarter of π. Go through the same process until you get to cell A10 adding multiples of 0.785. Therefore, the last value for cell A10 will be 6.28, which is the same as twice π.

Insert the sine function for each cell value

Place the cursor in cell B2 and type “= sin (A2)” (without the quotes). Drag the cursor from this cell to B10. Also, you can select cell range in Excel using keyboard shortcuts . Locate the “Insert” tab and click “Scatter” in the “Graphics” section. Select the “Scatter with smooth lines and markers” chart type at the top right.

Immediately, a sine waveform graph will appear on the Excel spreadsheet. In this way, you will have completed the procedure quickly and easily. If you consider it necessary, you can add or insert a legend in the Excel chart to give more details to the function.

What is a scatter plot?

A scatter plot or also known as a “Dot chart” is a mathematical instrument that allows you to analyze the relationship that may exist between two variables. In the case of the sine wave, the cosine function remains the same wave as in the sine but the cosine function is shifted to the left, you can see more about it in this guide to insert graphs in Excel .

When you get the scatter plot , you can analyze data such as the amplitude, the period, and the midline. From these values, a more timely interpretation is made according to the wave pattern presented in the diagram.


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