Geek Pride Day: check how geek you are with your Android

On May 25 of each year , Geek Pride Day is celebrated. A day to reclaim the love of comics, video games or science fiction movies. A May 25 was, today forty years ago, the day on which the first movie in the Star Wars saga was released in theaters. Now, 40 years later, we continue to celebrate the love for these films and so many others, for comics, series, anime or video games.

Among the many advantages that Android gives us , one of them is that you can always find almost everything. Virtually everything you are looking for will already be in the Google Play Store. Applications that will allow you to show how freaky you are, compete against your friends to see who knows more or verify that you must continue training, like a good Padawan, on this side of the force.

The first thing you should do today is check if you really are a good geek . You will find many quiz games in the Google Play Store . Frikiados will allow you to test your knowledge about cartoon series, manga, comics, video games or movies. You can play all the categories at the same time or choose only one of them. Each question will give you one minute of time and three possible answers. You will be adding points as you go forward and hit. The best score will be recorded and you will be able to see how much your geek knowledge has improved as time goes by.

The game is available for free on the Google Play Store and you can play without making any payment. In addition, the questions and answers are in Spanish, unlike many of this type in the application store. There is also a premium version that will eliminate the ads in the application by paying just over one euro.

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Geek Trivial Geek

Developer: Appyuken

If you don’t want to answer questions and you are the one who knows the most about characters, in general. From cartoons, movies, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings or even Disney characters, you can also demotrate it. With What Character? you will have to guess if it is Batman, Tarzan, Superman or even Stitch.

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What Character?

Developer: Bosphorus Mobile

You can show how much you are geek in general topics but also in a specific topic. For example, you can show how much you know about Dragon Ball. A useful and quite attractive game is Super DBZ Quiz. There are up to six levels with twenty characters in each one and its operation is very simple: do you know all the characters in Dragon Ball? You can prove it. An image will appear on the screen and you will have to play a kind of hangman in which you will have to write the name of the character. Goku, Cell and Vegeta are easy but it won’t be so easy when you get to the last level of the game.

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Super DBZ Quiz

Developer: 4K Wallpapers Apps

Only suitable for geeks and nostalgics, Video Games Quiz. A game in which you can show that you are a true video game geek by guessing which game it is. Eleven levels in which you will find twenty different video game images. You will have to write in the corresponding box what game it is. Unlike the previous app, this time you don’t have letter hints or gap clues. You will have to be a real geek to overcome it.

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Video Games Quiz

Developer: Undercoders

Are you one of those who, years ago, boasted of knowing the 150 Pokémon ? Now there are many more and it is possible that your memory is failing, that you no longer remember all of them. You can check if you are a true Pokémon geek by playing guess the Pokémon. Pikachu is simple but the levels increase and you will have to prove that you are the best trainer of all your friends. If you don’t know any of the creatures, the application allows you to share the level through WhatsApp or Messenger for your geek friends to help you solve it.

If yours is anime, in general, you can also demonstrate it. With Anime Logo Quiz you will have to guess everything related to the Japanese cartoon series. There will be eight levels with more than fifteen questions in each of them. You will have to guess the characters, pets, symbols or monsters, for example. An image will appear and you will have to say what it is, with the help of a series of letters and the corresponding gaps. A free and quite entertaining application if you like Japanese animation.

Are you more of Batman or Superman? The answer does not matter because you will have to answer other, much more difficult questions. More than 1,000 questions in Spanish for the true geeks of superhero questions . An attractive app that allows you to play in Spanish or English and that allows two game modes: superheroes or movies. You will have to be the one who gets the most answers and the most points.

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Developer: NewGenPlay

Geek Pride Day is celebrated on May 25 to celebrate that it was that day, forty years ago today, that a Star Wars movie was released in theaters. Lovers of Han Solo, Leia, Luke and the others must also demonstrate their knowledge with an Android in their hands. You can show that you know all the characters by recognizing them in a quiz available completely in Spanish and in which they will give you four options so that you can guess what the galactic silhouette corresponds to.

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Unofficial Star Wars Quiz

Developer: Euro Trash Games

You can also show that you are the smartest on Tatooine through a quiz game in which you will have to answer very simple questions such as what is the name of the Hut that is looking for Han Solo (if you don’t know the answer to this question, better not download it) but also other more complicated ones that will prepare you for the new premiere of the saga.

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Stars at War Quiz

Developer: AdminTI

If you want to have a good time with your friends or compete with each other without having to guess characters, you can play to see who is able to recognize more sounds from series, video games, movies or drawings. Intant Buttons is a classic with more than five million downloads on the Google Play Store. Recognizable sounds that you can not only listen to over and over again or guess with your friends, but you can also configure them to sound when someone sends you a WhatsApp, an email or calls you on the phone.


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