Gastronomy of Iran

The gastronomy of Iran or Persian can be considered a diverse mix of characteristics and culinary styles coming from each and every one of its provinces and regions. Much appreciated in the gastronomy of this country is the internationally known caviar .


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  • 1 The yogurt
  • 2 main dishes
  • 3 Drinks
  • 4 Baking
  • 5 Sources

The yogurt

Yogurt is present in all Iranian meals, with dugh being a product highly appreciated by them, made with yogurt liquefied with peppermint, mint or spinach. The dairy products like cheese and cream are served at breakfast, accompanied by the Persian bread :

  • sansag,
  • laftun,
  • barbari,
  • lavash and

Main courses

As main dishes, we must also refer to the Persian origins, where its main base is in vegetables, legumes, lamb and chicken meat, and rice, offering a wide variety of foods for all kinds of tastes. However the main dish is the cello kabab. Its ingredients are fine, long rice with lean meat. Boiled and steam-dried rice is served on a preferably porcelain tray and decorated with saffron, while the meat, in long strips, is prepared in the form of charcoal skewers.

Yuye kabab is a succulent barbecue chicken skewer. As a dessert Iran, offers an assortment of very delicious fresh fruits, including melons, apricots and apples.


The most typical drinks come to be chay or tea, which is never mixed with milk and is served everywhere as a gesture of hospitality. Also, fruit juices, still water and non-alcoholic beer, as it is totally prohibited in Iran.

Cake shop

The confectionery deserves a separate chapter. There is a wide variety of desserts, sweet and bittersweet such as Falude, while the drinks section highlights tea, which is never mixed with milk and is served everywhere as a gesture of hospitality.



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