Does your garden increase the incidence of dengue? Here are some solutions

The new panic in the city, dengi or traditional accent, whom we dengue known as. Dengue has already infected more than three and a half million people, according to various sources. More than 5 people were killed. Dengue is now the name of a terror in public.


Aedes mosquito bites come up to 3-5 degrees within 3-5 days. Then headaches, nausea, joint pains in the joints of the body, rash can also be seen throughout the body.

Dengue Dhaka is now filled with panic in the metropolitan area. With the pressure of the Megacity population and the unhealthy unhealthy environment of the population, mosquitoes have little or no origin in the city. Aedes mosquito attacks are more frequent during the monsoon. And yes, Aedes mosquitoes but they should not lay eggs in water. For that you have to give clean water. For those who think that the sewage, drainage of the city of Dhaka, the birthplace of rotten AIDS mosquitoes, is not true. These common mosquitoes breed and live. Aedes mosquitoes are a little elite, they do not lay eggs without clean water.


Now think, where exactly will you find clean water in the city? Yes, the Aedes mosquito habitat has been built around you or in your home. During the rainy season, if the water is frozen for only a few hours during dry rains, holes, tubs, pots, packet of chips, packets of chips, etc., Aedes mosquitoes can breed there. The City Corporation is not profitable by all means. The mosquitoes can breed in the rainwater just after a few drops of plastic or a juice bottle that you ate in chips, or in a plastic bottle.


Those who are fond of hobbies and who garden on the roofs and balconies to provide fresh food for their families are also providing a way for mosquito breeding. Aedes mosquitoes will never grow in dense jungles of trees. That is why it is important to be aware of some of the gardeners.

2. The soil level of the tub

If your tub is not filled with soil, the Aedes mosquito can bloom in empty water. So fill the soil with water so that there is no chance of freezing water.

2. Deposit water on the roof

Watering is essential to water regularly. Sometimes excess water or some rain from the rain may accumulate on the roof. This may increase the AIDS mosquito. Always keep your roof water-free.

2. No holes in the bottom of the tub

If there is no excess water drainage under the tub, the water can freeze. Make a hole, of course.

2. Do not hold water drainage system

If the drainage system is not well drained, mosquitoes can grow. You must know if the drainage system in your roof garden is good.

2. Use of tires

Many use tires to plant trees in the roof garden. When the tire opens, water is easily absorbed, which is often not available. Keep an eye on those tires regularly.


I knew the harmful side of the roof garden. Now, how do I deal with dengue naturally? Earlier we learned about the mosquitoes, the plants that keep insects away. You must keep these plants on your roof or inside your home. There will be some benefits from mosquito infestation, however.


You can also use some Totaca ideas for your home.


Cut some of the cloves in the middle of the lemon and place them in different places in your room. There will be no mosquito in the house. Also, by squeezing the garlic well and sprinkling that water all over the house, the mosquito infestation will reduce to some extent.


If you have a fever or fever, go to the nearest health center and take the Dengue NS1 test. The government can do this HealthTest at any health center at a fixed price. Don’t worry if dengue is positive. There is no medicine in Dengur, rest and proper fluid intake should be taken from home.


Blood platelets decrease in dengue. What is platelet? Platelet is a simple bungalow known as die molecule. The spleen or platelet inhibits the abnormal bleeding of our body, helping to clot blood when cut. In normal blood there are up to 1.5 million platelets. As a result, abnormal changes in the body occur. If you get below 25 thousand, you can start bleeding at any time.


The number of platelets in patients with dengue patients is abnormally low. To alleviate this deficiency, you need to eat foods rich in minerals, liquids, protein and energy. Naturally, dengue patients will not want to eat. They have to eat some food regularly.

2. Lemon juice

Certainly not a lemonade made in the street. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C. Patients with lemon juice made at home should be fed.

2. Aloe vera juice

Aloeva purifies blood. It also has some herbal properties. The patient should be fed by making regular aloe vera juice.

2. Papaya leaf juice

Papaya leaves increase the amount of platelets in the blood. The papaya leaves are very healthy and herbal in quality. Playing with the juice of the leaves on the blender or in the humidista will be of great benefit. But it’s a little bit tasty. You can mix it with honey and feed.

2. Anar or Bedana

Most people we know are Dalim and by name. We all know less about the health of pomegranates. Iron present in pomegranates increases the amount of platelets. Patients will get many benefits by playing 2 ml pomegranate juice for 2 weeks.


Different soups, protein-rich foods, barley, rice should be given to these patients. Drink two and a half liters of water daily for the patient.


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