6 Reasons Every Girl Needs The GALAXY Z FLIP3

Remember how the main fashionistas of the 2000s, led by J. Lo, shone at social events with little pink “clamshells”? Then plush Juicy Couture suits and glossy lip glosses were a real hit, and a stylish gadget in hand served as an integral part of the image. And now the fashion for the 2000s returns: the fashion icon of the new era Bella Hadid does not take off headscarves and jeans at a low waist, and the leading fashion houses, one after another, release accessories with a reference to that time. Tech giants are not lagging behind either: for example, Samsung has released a “clamshell” of the new era. It is an ultra-stylish smartphone with a flexible screen. However, the Z Flip3 is good not only for its striking appearance.


The Z Flip3 color palette will allow every girl to find an option that perfectly matches her wardrobe. The line includes beige, green, lavender and black. Exclusively on samsung.com also available in pink, white and gray. What is especially convenient, Samsung made sure that the gadget looked flawless for a long time, and therefore, when creating a new generation of smartphones, special attention was paid to protecting devices from damage. So, even a year after the purchase, the technological “clamshell” will shine like new – and will definitely not leave you unnoticed. Get ready to collect compliments.



Want to take a photo in a beautiful place, but no one to help? Smartphone Z Flip3 will save you from this problem. Advanced camera features and Flex mode let you take photos in the folded state by pressing the power button twice – without sacrificing image quality. A feature that all active social media users have probably dreamed of is the ability to shoot hands-free and from any angle. Thanks to this, all your photos will definitely be successful and you will no longer need a tripod. The front camera of the Z Flip3 also features autofocus, which is especially useful when shooting handheld. And the main outdoor camera along with the external screen gives you the ability to immediately see how you step into the photo, thanks to the preview mode. No more blind selfies for better quality!



Videos capture all social networks: today, almost every blogger creates their own unique videos. Z Flip3Will definitely appeal to those who love to create wow content. Remember, you probably had such a situation when you wanted to shoot a gradually fading sunset with high speed shooting. Or on a festive evening I could not wait to record a spectacular fireworks in slow motion. But in order to take such a photo, you had to leave the cozy company of friends, stand by the window and hold a smartphone in your hand. With the Z Flip3, you can forget about these inconveniences: just bend the phone and it will sit comfortably on the windowsill or any other surface, without forcing yourself to support. While you are relaxing, your smartphone will shoot the perfect video that will collect many likes. For the same reason, you no longer have to ask your friend to capture your dance for Tiktok: just place your phone with the camera on on any convenient surface and show your palm, the device will start shooting in a couple of seconds. Also, the Z Flip3 can listen and hear (which not every person can boast of), which means that you can simply say the word “Shoot” to him – and the shot will be taken. If you like extreme shooting, then protection from water will be an important argument.



When tiny bags became fashionable thanks to the Jaquemus brand, memes about their capacity flooded the social media. But now these jokes are irrelevant: the Z Flip3 is exactly the phone that will fit even in the smallest clutch. The smartphone has undergone numerous tests that prove it can withstand 200,000 folds, which is equivalent to using the device continuously throughout the day for 5 years. So rest assured: he won’t let you down.


Social networks, instant messengers, mail, all kinds of entertainment and educational applications … It is sometimes difficult not to get lost in the number of open tabs, because they are all important. Definitely, we need a phone that can handle several tasks at once. On the  Z Flip3, you can use two applications at the same time in full size without folding, for example, the video into a tiny square on the side of the screen. Chatting with colleagues during a conference, watching a presentation, or talking via video link and simultaneously solving tasks on the calendar? Easily! There will be no more problems with the fact that you are forced to interrupt watching a video because you have to answer in the next chat.



We all know the problem when someone starts calling and you are on the go. It is not always handy to search for the call acceptance button on the screen with your finger, and the  Z Flip3 frees us from this need: just open the smartphone without looking, and the conversation will start automatically. If you need to end the conversation, you can simply slam the clamshell shut – just as effectively as your favorite characters did in the 2000 series. You can also see all important notifications right on the external screen without activating or opening your phone.

Z Flip3on sale now! You can purchase a smartphone in the online or offline official stores of the brand. The price of the gadget varies from 89,990 to 94,990 rubles (for 128 and 256 GB, respectively). Another nice bonus: upon purchase, you will receive a special Samsung Care + certificate, which will allow you to replace the display on your phone under special conditions in case of damage. Also, in the exceptional case something goes wrong, Samsung users have a 24/7 support center and mobile service center. And if you join the Samsung Upgrade program, you will always have a new smartphone. The program makes it possible to use the gadget for a monthly payment, which in total for a year will cost less than the original cost of the product. In fact, this makes it possible to change the smartphone every time, when a new version comes out – and just give the old one away, saving yourself the trouble of selling it or storing it unnecessarily. All the details about the Samsung Upgrade program can be foundlink.

Also, for the first time, all members of the Samsung Upgrade program have the opportunity to test the device and exchange it for other Galaxy models for free within the first three months. And for those who have models of the previous generation, there is a trade-in function: hand over an old device and get a new one on especially favorable terms.

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