The future of texts on social networks, the power of the image

The images are getting stronger on the Internet. Words are replaced by icons, gifts, photos, and videos. Hence the success of platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram or Pinterest. Why does the trend lead to eliminate or minimize texts and give prominence to the image?

We are in the Age of the Image . From a business communication point of view, the image is achieving better engagement results than the texts. As receivers, we spend more time on a video or photo that we like than to read content even if it is 100% of our interest. The headlines or short phrases also call our attention if they are presented to us in the form of an image, you just have to see the success of hashtags like #microcount or #cita on a social network like Instagram.

The most common goal among social network users is to reach the maximum number of followers. If it is a brand or company, this goal becomes a challenge to fight for with each publication. This has forced those responsible for corporate communication to choose those formats that most attract their public: the image.


What is the future of texts?

Although it seems that the texts will become obsolete, with so much bombardment of images, both fixed and moving, in the not too distant future we will be attracted to the different and will be the word. In the end what stands out in a wall full of publications is what diverges from the rest, which shows something different.

However, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has pointed out that we tend to the image and the person in charge of Facebook for EMEA, Nicola Mendelsohn, has gone further defending that the texts will give way to moving images and spoken word. Mendelsohn says that the video “transmits much more information much faster. Therefore, the trend really helps to access much more information. ”


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But the texts will not disappear, they will stop being black and white and become images. You only need to see the options that Facebook now gives to create texts on multicolored backgrounds, with patterns, gradients … And the texts can also be visual, when writing on social networks we do not have to stick to a white background with letters black or vice versa.

Also if we look at the technical advances we can see how the image also evolves, as the stories told in 360º video and virtual reality begin to gain strength . In fact, this technology comes from social networks and we can see it from news sets to video games or tourist, sports, relaxation experiences .


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