10 Functions of Labor Protection Service In Organization

Functions of Labor Protection Service In Organization need to be considered.To perform functional duties, employees of the labor protection service should be granted the following rights:

  • – At any time of the day, to freely visit and inspect the organization’s production, service and household premises, to get acquainted with the documents on labor protection issues within their competence.
  • – Present to the heads of departments, other officials of the organization binding instructions on eliminating violations of labor protection requirements identified during inspections and monitor their implementation.
  • – Require the heads of departments to remove from work persons who do not have access to perform this type of work, who have not undergone the preliminary and periodic medical examinations, briefings on labor protection, who do not use personal protective equipment provided in their work, and violate legal requirements about labor protection.
  • – To send to the head of the organization a proposal to prosecute officials who violate labor protection requirements.
  • – Request and receive from heads of departments the necessary information, information, documents on labor protection issues, require written explanations from persons who have committed violations of labor protection legislation.
  • – In coordination with the head of the organization and the heads of departments, involve the relevant specialists of the organization in inspections of the state of conditions and labor protection.
  • – To submit to the head of the organization proposals on encouraging individual employees for their active work on improving working conditions and labor protection.
  • – Represent on behalf of the head of the organization in state and public organizations when discussing labor protection issues.

In addition, the labor protection service has to tackle other tasks in the field of labor protection arising from the specific features of the organization and the situations that arise in the production or service process. Proceeding from the tasks assigned to the labor protection service, its employees must have versatile knowledge, understand the existing equipment, occupational hazards and hazards, and know the sanitary and hygienic conditions during the production of various works.

Among the employees of the labor protection service should be clearly distributed responsibilities and secured areas of work. The distribution is made on the basis of the business qualities and qualifications of employees, accounting for the number of employees in the divisions, production complexity and other factors. Such a distribution of duties is fixed by order of the organization or order for the labor protection service.

In order to coordinate and more efficiently work of the labor protection service workers, quarterly and general annual work plans are drawn up. Such plans are approved, despite a certain amount of work that cannot be foreseen in advance due to the complexity of their prediction (participation in the investigation of accidents, the work of state supervisory authorities, the provision of unscheduled information, participation in the work of various commissions, etc.) The plans include not only those activities that the specialists of the labor protection service themselves carry out (for example, surveys and inspections), but also those that they have to monitor and ensure their implementation from other responsible persons.

For better planning of work in an organization, a list of labor protection measures is taken, conducted during the year, with an indication of the time frame for their implementation, frequency, and responsible executors

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