Some functional role of mouthwash in garden protection

We usually use mouthwash for dental protection. But be surprised to know that mouthwash can also be used to protect your garden plants! Mouthwash contains menthol and eucalyptus oil which help to repel insects. Let’s find out some of the wonderful uses of mouthwash in your garden!

Aphid insect repression

One of the main enemies of plants is aphid insects. If you do not want to use harmful chemicals to suppress aphid insects, you can use mouthwash. Mix the mouthwash with equal amount of water and spray the part of the plant that is infected with aphids. Also, it will be more effective if you use an equal amount of light dish liquid.

The mouthwash fertilizer

Mouthwash, Epsom salt, Liquid wash soap, Ammonia – each one cup, mixed with one can of beer and spray with hose sprayer after 3 weeks. In this way, make mouthwash fertilizer in a domestic manner .

Fungal infections and powdery mildew disease suppression

Mouthwash has anti-fungal material that protects plants by preventing the spread of fungal infections as well as powdery mildew disease. After mixing 20% ​​mouthwash with 5% water, a effective mixture will be formed which will be sprayed on the affected area of ​​the plant.

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Prevents pets from destroying trees

Pets, such as dogs and cats, love to urinate in close proximity to trees. So to prevent them from doing this, they will leave urine and spray the mixture of water and mouthwash. In this way, they will not go to that place and will not give up urine.

Will relieve the bad smell

The leaves, leaves or decomposed organic fertilizers of the plants often cause a bad odor in the garden. Mouthwash can eliminate odors. For this, mix equal mouthwash with equal amount of water. Now it can be used in the garden. This mixture helps to eliminate bacteria and other germs.

Disinfect the tools used by the mouthwash for gardening

Equipment used for gardening, such as weeding, cane, spade, etc. After the work of gardening, dirt is also germinated. Using a mouthwash you can disinfect garden equipment. For that, dip it in the mouthwash for a minute or spray. It will protect the plants from disease.

The mosquito bites the mouthwash

The mouthwash contains very little eucalyptus oil, which is effective in dispelling mosquitoes. As mosquito incidence increases, mosquitoes are more likely to be around the garden, making it difficult to care for the plants. If then the merchant. If you do not have mosquito repellent, you can use mouthwash. This is why spray the air around the mouthwash. Also spray on the outside of your body. Even if it does not work like commercial ones, mouthwash mosquitoes will not let you down.

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What is harmful to mouthwash plants?

So far, there has been no evidence that mouthwash contains harmful and toxic chemicals that cause damage to plants. In some cases, mouthwash can be used directly.


Use of Mouthwash It should be noted that alcoholic mouthwash cannot be used in any way. Because it can cause the leaves to shrink , they can be used to protect your garden, such as alcohol-free mouthwash : Listerine .

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