Free Xender application, send files fast without Internet

The cloud has become a good solution when it comes to sharing files, since there are different platforms that offer storage space where it is possible to leave the files and for others to access them. But they cannot always be used, such as at times when the connection is not good or simply does not exist. Well, there are solutions like the Xender application that are a good possibility to use.

This is a development that allows you to send files from one mobile device to another (and it is even possible to achieve this) by using WiFi connectivity . But not from a network that is accessible, but one that is created with the terminal itself. Therefore, everything is done independently and therefore it is not necessary to use mobile data -for example-. The truth is that it is a most interesting solution.

It is important to know that for the use of the Xender application it is necessary that both the sender and the receiver have it installed , since otherwise the use is not possible. This, by the way, also ensures high reliability and security, since point-to-point transmissions are made that cannot be intercepted … which is always something that has to be valued positively for both personal and professional use. An interesting solution.

Simple use of the Xender app

This is something that is always important and that, in the development we are talking about, is present. It is true that you have to take a little initial time to learn the processes (especially that of accessing from a computer, something that is achieved with a browser and IP address, including the instructions in the development). But, in a matter of a few minutes everything is quite clear. One of the reasons for this is that the work is translated into Spanish and that is positive.

The fact is that with the upper and lower headbands all the usual actions can be carried out, with the elements of choice in the central area. That is, everything is very intuitive. In addition, if you want to access Settings or other possibilities, a useful side menu is included that avoids any type of doubt. By the way, in what has to do with the operation , we have verified that this is perfect since we have not found errors in the transmissions or in the execution of the Xender application.

Compatibility there is good news because in terminals input range with 2GB of RAM, everything went smoothly without finding “lag” one. Therefore, having the work installed, since it only occupies 25 MB, is something completely recommended since it is not a handicap and its execution is worth it when sharing files with your Android if there is no Internet access.

Speed ​​and many options for use

In our tests we have verified that transfer rates can reach 10 Mb / s. Mano is outrageous, but it is far superior to what Bluetooth offers . And, furthermore, since it is possible to use large files with the Xender application (more than 5 GB), the times that are achieved are quite good. Obviously, the stability depends on the distance from the terminals and the quality of the WiFi antenna. But overall, what we’ve found is pretty good .

In what has to do with the possibilities offered by development, it must be said that it is possible to use all types of files , such as images and videos. But, in addition, applications can also be shared (those that are compatible appear on the Xender application screen itself). Other possibilities is that with this work it is possible to use the statuses in social networks and, even, some of the contents in options such as Facebook can be used if the corresponding profile is associated.

Many options, good operation and without complications … little more can be asked of a development of this type that will make your Android terminal more useful. The download of this development is done for free in both the Galaxy Store and the Play Store .


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