Free Fire guide, tricks, tips and secrets

In our complete guide to Free Fire, the popular mobile game, we show you the best tips to survive and win in its intense and fun Battle Royale games.


Welcome to our complete guide to Free Fire , one of the most downloaded mobile games on the market, both on Android and Apple iOS devices . Garena gives us a third-person action experience in the purest Battle Royale style in which we must fall on an island with 50 players and survive until the end … only if we are able.

To help you shine on the battlefield we bring you in our guide a lot of tips, tricks and recommendations of all kinds. Here you can find information about the game’s arsenal, how to get diamonds, unlock content and much more. Break ranks, soldiers!

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  1. How to download for free
  2. Characters
  3. Weapons
  4. Tips to win
  5. Diamonds
  6. Gold
  7. Objects
  8. Maps
  9. Frequently asked questions

How to download for free


Before jumping into the action of Free Fire, you have to get hold of the game . This does not suppose any type of problem or expense for our portfolio since we are talking about a free to play title that can be downloaded totally free and that is available on both Android and iOS mobiles .

If you want to go directly to the point, you can stop with the links that we leave here below:

  • Download for free on Android :from the Google Play store.
  • Download for free on iOS :from the Apple Store.


The playable characters in Free Fire each have unique abilities, and these can be unlocked and upgraded by getting memory shards . At the beginning we will only have a couple of characters for free, but the more we play, the more they will be within our reach and it is really important to know them all to know which one best suits our style of play. Therefore, do not hesitate to take a look at our dedicated section of the guide.


Since Free Fire is a Battle Royale shooter, we could not miss our classic review of all the weapons in the game. We have a wide variety available , from typical assault rifles like the AK to weapons as curious as Katanas or healing pistols. In our guide you can check their damage statistics, attributes and advantages divided into the main categories:

  • Assault rifles –the most balanced weapons for all kinds of situations.
  • Submachine guns :fast and deadly.
  • Shotguns :our best friends at short distances.
  • Sniper rifles :for ranchers, I mean … for tacticians who attack at long distances.
  • Light machine guns :for those who want to make a big fuss.
  • Pistols :versatile, light and decent in short range.
  • Bows :deadly silent.
  • Melee :dedicated to the Melee pure and simple.
  • Rocket launchers :dedicated to fireworks lovers.

Obviously, we also reserve a special space to tell you which are the best Free Fire weapons , because yes, some stand out more when it comes to winning games.

Tips to win

For those who have just arrived we have a very useful selection with the best tips and tricks to win games in Free Fire. These are very nice recommendations that surely any player a little experienced already knows well, but it never hurts to help beginners and collect notes that you may have overlooked. Take good note of them.

  • Vehicles :we show you all the transports that can be used and their advantages and disadvantages.


The payment currency and, therefore, the most valuable of Free Fire are diamonds , a currency that you will surely want to get because with it you can buy and unlock all kinds of items in the game store. There are a lot of methods available to us to buy diamonds and there are different prices for all needs, although there are also a few very limited ways to get free diamonds . We review all this in our guide.


The second currency of Free Fire is the gold coins , a resource that is free that can be earned in several different ways without spending a penny from our portfolio. We, of course, teach you all the ways to get gold as quickly and easily as possible . You can accumulate it even just by logging in each day, a bargain!


During our Free Fire games we have a lot of survival objects available that will make things much easier for us and that, of course, will help us achieve glory . From protective equipment such as vests or helmets, to objects that give advantages such as the campfire or treasure maps. We show you all of them so that you know how to get the most out of them.

  • Tokens :we show you the different types of Tokens and how they are obtained and used.


As it could not be missing, in our guide we also dedicate a special section to shelling all the Free Fire maps and, specifically, to recommending the best places and areas where you can land from the beginning of the games to find the best possible loot . These are locations where you will generally find the highest quality loot , although for that reason you also run risks visiting them. You will know how far you play along these borders …

  • Bermuda :the main map, a desert island of a medium size with fighting of all kinds.
  • Purgatory –The largest and most diverse map, with zip lines and lots of valleys and fields.
  • Kalahari :a smaller and arid map, with frenzied fighting.

Frequent questions

In this section of the guide we compile the Free Fire frequently asked questions and any other questions that players may have throughout their experience with the Garena title:

  • Requirements and compatibility :find out if your smartphone can run Free Fire.
  • Gift codes :we show you an updated list with all the promotional codes.
  • How to Play on PC –A simple download and installation guide to emulate the game on PCs.
  • Ranks and Rewards –How to Earn PR and Move Up in Competitive Divisions. Discover all the awards.


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