5 free Android games that size less than 25 MB

Any time is a good time to enjoy a good game on your Android smartphone or tablet . And far from what we might think, it is not necessary to have a top terminal to enjoy fun and addictive games.

And, despite the fact that many recent games increasingly need a greater amount of resources, there are still developers who look to users of less powerful terminals. For this reason, today we wanted to collect 5 great games whose size does not exceed 25 MB , and are perfect to be used on any type of Android device.

Zig Zag

ZigZag is a simple and addictive game , in which our mission will be to keep the little ball on top of the platforms, changing its direction whenever necessary so as not to fall.

In addition to being a light game , it is a free app, and even better: you do not need an Internet connection to play.

Google Play | ZigZag (Free)

Zombie frontier

For those stressful moments when we need to disconnect, few things are more comforting than killing zombies in pairs .

In Zombie Frontier , we have a huge arsenal of weapons with which to kill hundreds of different monsters, in this free and lightweight FPS for Android.

Google Play | Zombie Fronter (Free)

Pixel Dungeon

Lovers of role-playing games also have their place in this compilation. Pixel Dungeon is a game in which you collect different objects, fight monsters and use magical powers , in order to achieve our goal of finding Yendor’s amulet.

Google Play | Pixel Dungeon (Free)

Retro Runners X2

hilarious 8-bit style endless runner game in which you’ll have to win as many races as possible while avoiding obstacles, with more than 20 different characters, each with their own abilities.

Google Play | Retro Runners X2 (Free)


Another arcade game in which our objective will be to carry the rubber ball through the different platforms until we reach the goal.

Despite being a light and free game, Tigerball has quite realistic physics and neat graphics. In total, there are 100 different levels that we will be able to play in the more than 20 worlds available.


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