Fra Complete Warframe Guide – Cheats, Secrets and Tips

Welcome Tenno! We present to you our definitive guide to Warframe , Digital Extremes’ free-to-play third-person shooter launched in 2013 that continues to this day thanks to its updates. In Warframe there is a vast universe to meet and explore, a multitude of characters to unlock, weapons, tools, mechanics, experience systems and improvements …

Our intention in this guide is to cover as much of the title as possible to accompany players through the experience that Warframe proposes, whether you are a novice or experienced with tens of hours behind you. Here you will find interesting and useful tips on the most important Warframe mechanics.

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Without further delay, let’s see the main points for which we intend to help you.



The Digital Extremes title has more than 40 playable characters ; They are known as Warframes , a collection of various biomechanical models. Except for one of the three main ones that you will be allowed to choose at the beginning of your adventure, the rest will be blocked. Our intention is to explain how to get them all and tell you where their plans are and what their manufacturing costs are. Plus…

  • What types of Warframe are there? –Discover the three different types of Warframe that exist.
  • How do you get and unlock Warframe? :We explain the two typical ways to unlock Warframe.
  • How do you level up Warframes? :so you have no doubts about how to raise the rank of your Warframe and get their abilities.

Warframes Prime

The upgraded version of normal Warframes based purely on Orokin technology is known as the Warframes Prime , which have slightly superior attributes , a unique look with gold parts, and usually some extra polarity groove. Since these are also highly coveted by the gaming community, we are going to show you how you can get them all. Plus…

  • How are Warframe Prime different? :We explain exactly how these models are different.
  • How are Warframe Prime unlocked? :We reveal you the usual method to get Primes.
  • What is the operation of the Prime Vault? :Here we clarify what the Vault is and how it affects Prime items.


A key part of Warframe is, of course, all of the Arsenal related and the multitude of different weapons available for players to enjoy. Vandal wanted to collect the most relevant information on this subject, taking into account aspects such as:

  • How are the different weapons obtained? :a simple explanation of how to get the weapons you want.
  • How do you level up a weapon in Warframe? :you can increase the rank of them with Affinity, here we explain it to you.
  • Weapon Attributes –Learn what each of the weapon attributes indicates and learn about the existence of Prime weapons .


The Mods , or modifiers in Warframe, are one of the most fun and interesting points offered by the game, and thanks to these cards can apply all kinds of bonuses and extra powers to our Warframes, weapons, guards, and more. In our guide we do not want to miss the opportunity to tell you how you can take advantage of them and make the most of them.

  • Recognize the attributes of Mods : it‘s important to know what each icon on the card of a Mod means.
  • The rarity levels of Mods :We tell you how Mods are classified according to their rarities.
  • How to get Mods in Warframe? :Learn the main way to get hold of Mods.
  • Mod Types –An in-depth guide to breaking down all the Mod types in the game and how you can get them.
  • Merge Mods and get Endo :don’t miss this mechanic to increase the power of your Mods.
  • Transmute Mods :We explain how to combine Mods to get new ones and improve their transmutation probabilities.
  • Get Shapes and Polarize :Shapes will help you create ideal builds since they allow you to change polarities. Here we show you everything about it.


Among all the missions that Warframe has, the most important are the so-called Adventures , since these offer some very juicy rewards and also tell stories about the lore of the game. We wanted to dedicate a section of our guide to adventures to list them all and indicate how they can be unlocked , in addition to the prizes you will receive for successfully completing them .

Star Map and Convergences

In Warframe your main activity throughout the game will be to advance through the different planets of the Star Map and overcome the Convergences of each one of them. Each planet has unique characteristics ; Enemy factions, certain rewards and many more important details. So that you do not get stuck and always know what to face we have this section of our guide for you.

Mastery Ranks

The ranges of expertise are in Warframe what would amount to your whole experience gained throughout the game. There are 30 in total and each new rank unlocks very useful bonuses for your adventure, as well as access to different content. It is important to know how to upload and upgrade your tests , in addition to other pertinent details.

  • How to increase the Mastery Rank? :Find out how the ranges go up.
  • How much experience does each rank of mastery require? :We tell you the requirements and tests of each range.
  • What perks are unlocked by moving up Mastery Ranks? :We explain the bonuses for moving up the ranks.
  • Affinity :Here we explain how you get the experience in the game and the best ways to farm it.


The Union of Warframe are an important part of the overall experience of the game, thanks to them we have access to various special tasks, curious characters to meet, and point system Reputation unlocks we rank with these factions, which leads to having Offerings that we can buy (with unique in-game items). So this is a topic that we also explore in our guide.

  • How to unlock Unions? : Itis important to know the prerequisite to have access to everything that Unions offer.
  • Earning Reputation :this is the “currency” of exchange with the Unions, here we tell you their methods of obtaining for each one.

Join a Clan

The Clans are a very important part of the multiplayer experience and cooperative of Warframe, so our guide also we wanted to reserve a special place to tell you about how you can join a clan and also all relevant things that surround them . Here you will find aspects such as:

  • How to create your own Clan? : Inaddition to joining one, you can also create it.
  • What are the different levels of a Clan :we explain the 5 levels of the clans.
  • What are the advantages of being part of a Clan? :If you do not know the benefits of joining a clan, here we tell you.
  • Functioning of Hierarchies within the Clan : webreak down the different ranks for clan members and their permissions.
  • Clan Dojo :A guide to the main concepts of the Clan Dojo and everything it offers.
  • Create the labs :here we explain how to successfully create all the labs in the Dojo, we even have the research listings of the; Biological Laboratory , Laboratory Chemical , Energy Laboratory , Laboratory Tenno and laboratory Orokin .


Another of the deepest mechanics of the game has to do with everything related to the Operator , the Tenno that controls the Warframe from the inside . In this section of our guide we explain all these details in depth, as well as the Focus Schools, the Focus Lenses and the Focus Points.

  • Lenses and Focus Points :Tips for how different lenses are achieved and focus points are applied.

Resources and Objects

The list of Resources and Items in Warframe is practically endless. At the beginning it is easy not to know what each one is for or how they are achieved, so we want to break them down a bit in this section and try to detail the most important and useful ones .

  • What types of Resources exist and how are they obtained? –Discover the resource classes by rarity.
  • The most recommended resource collection places :a list to help you get resources.
  • Tips for farming resources :If you don’t know where to start, this can be useful for you.
  • Relics of the Void :We explain how to farm Relics and get more Vestiges of the Void.

Coins and Market

The Coins and the Market in Warframe are vital throughout your adventure to progress successfully and achieve everything you want to achieve. There is a deep system of market and trade between players, as well as several currencies for different tasks. Here we tell you everything you need to know about all this.

  • How is the Market unlocked and what items are there? :Here we explain it easily.
  • How to trade and exchange between players? :Take advantage of this great game mechanic.
  • Platinum :the premium currency, real payment, although it also has a legal way to get it for free.
  • Credits :The standard currency of the game, we explain how to get it easily.
  • Duchies :This is a special coin only for the Void merchant, we explain its method of obtaining it.
  • Baro Ki’Teer :This character only appears in the game every 2 weeks and sells very exclusive items, here we tell you his secrets.

Frequent questions

Finally, as usual, we reserve this space in the guide to clarify and answer the frequently asked questions that any Warframe player may ask at some point in the experience. Do not stay with the unknown.

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  • How to download Warframe for free? :We teach you how to download the game legally, officially and for free on each platform.
  • Do you have crossplay? :If you want to know if Warframe has cross play, we explain it here.
  • Tips for beginners :we put together all the main help you will need if you start playing Warframe.
  • Difference between Prime Access and Prime Vault :There are a couple of special offers with packs that can be confused with each other.
  • Codes :know the valid codes Warframe and how you can applyto your account to earn rewards.


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