Fortnite x Batman: here is the Dark Knight package

A new leak, released by the famous leaker Rift, has revealed the existence of a new Fortnite package as part of the Fortnite x Batman event . According to the expert, the DLC dedicated to the Dark Knight will be available on all platforms at a price of 19.99 euros. But let’s find out some more details.

Fortnite x Batman: all the info

Rift has very clear ideas about the Batman The Dark Knight package : inside we will have a Bat Man skin, a cloak to be used as a decorative back, a hang glider and the Batarang. The big news compared to the past is that for the first time it seems that a Fortnite bundle can only be purchased with money, and not using the V-Bucks.

Recall that the Fortnite x Batman event was unveiled by some dataminer by analyzing the files of the last update released mid-week. This is an event that will start before the end of September, although confirmation has not yet arrived from Epic Games. After the events dedicated to Avengers Endgame and Nike Jordan (just to name two), this would be another welcome surprise for all users of the game.

For the moment not much else is known: we must therefore wait a few hours before having official news from Epic Games.

Fortnite x Batman isn’t the only news this month

As always, the world of Fortnite is in constant turmoil, beyond the event related to our favorite bat. In fact, in the past few hours the first skins of season 11 of the title have been disclosed on the net, in addition to the new season of Battle Royale which will start in mid-October.


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