Fortnite: Where to Put Prep Supplies on Hayseed Farm

The Fortnite Week 6 challenges go live today and that means players will have another chance to earn lots of XP to upgrade their Battle Pass, earn Battle Stars, and unlock more merchandise. One of the challenges requires players to “set up the Hayseed Farm Prep Supplies.” The problem here is that Hayseed Farm isn’t marked on your map and you can’t just drop the supplies anywhere when you get there. In this guide we will show you where to place the Hayseed Farm Prep Supplies in Fortnite .

This Legendary Quest will launch on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 9:00 am ET / 6:00 am PT / 2:00 pm BST. Completing the challenge will earn you 45,000 XP.

Hay farm location

Hayseed Farm is northeast of Corny Complex and northwest of Dirty Docks. We have marked it on the map below.

Where to put Prepper supplies at Hayseed Farm

First, you can place the prep supplies in the southernmost field of Hayseed Farm, on the east side next to a bale of hay.

You can also place the prep supplies by the back door of the Red House. This can be found on its north side and the blue outline is hard to miss.

The last place you can drop your Hayseed Farm prep supplies is at the eastern end of the farm, near the small wooden bridge over the river. The blue outline is right next to the bridge on the Hayseed Farm side of the river.

Prep supplies can also be placed near the rock, south of the main red building, near the path leading to it.

The final location of the Fortnite prep supplies is right next to the road, right next to the pylon and fence.

It should be noted that you only need to place the Prep Supplies in one of these three locations in Hayseed Farm to complete the Week 6 Legendary Mission. This will earn you 45,000 XP.

That’s all you need to know where to put the Hayseed farm prep supplies in Fortnite . For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our wiki or check out more information about the game below.

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