Fortnite Season 3: how to complete all challenges and missions

Here you have the solution to all the challenges of Fortnite season 3, with tricks, tips, directions, maps and everything you need to overcome all the challenges of the season and gain experience to level up your battle pass, and with it, unlock all the cosmetic items offered by the season to customize your character.

Following the flood of new features that Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2 has brought , challenges remain a central part of Fortnite for accumulating experience, leveling up, and unlocking items in the game. That is why here we are going to tell you how to complete all the challenges of Fortnite season 3 (chapter 2).

Like all seasons, there are slight changes in the way of presenting the challenges, although there are still permanent challenges (available throughout the season) and temporary, and we will also have them all unlocked at the beginning, as in the previous season.

With this guide you will have in one place the solution to all the challenges of Chapter 2 of Fortnite season 3 , updating it week by week so that you always have the new challenges solved.

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All Fortnite Season 3 Challenges: How to Complete Weekly Missions

What are the weekly challenges?

As always, each week we will have a series of challenges included in a mission. There will be simpler challenges where we will simply have to open chests or make eliminations (which we can achieve in any game mode), and then more complicated challenges where we will have to find an element hidden on the map, visit an exact point on the stage or perform an action , like a dance, or anything else …

What’s New Season 3 Episode 2

  • New vehicles
  • The storm has changed
  • New areas on the map
  • Aquaman skin missions
  • Loot sharks that are also a mode of transportation
  • Swirls in the water

What kind of missions can we find?

  • Opponent Eliminations
  • Open ammo boxes or chests
  • Find items on the map
  • Search for hidden treasures at the intersection of various locations
  • Landing in specific places
  • Pass time trials
  • Dance at a specific point on the map
  • Perform vehicle stunts
  • Open vaults

Fortnite Season 3 Week 9 challenge solution

These are all the challenges of week 9 of Fortnite season 3 :

  • Search chests in Pleasant Park (7)
  • Fortilla Eliminations (3)
  • Fuel a vehicle in Rincón Rencoroso
  • Light bonfires at Haddock Campground (3)
  • Collect Metal in Hydro 16 (200)
  • Eliminate minions or looters (7)
  • Eliminate minions or raiders (70)

Solution to all the challenges of week 9 in Fortnite season 3

Search chests in Pleasant Park (7)

We must go to Placentero Park which is a named location located in quadrant D2-D3, and open seven boxes of ammunition. We can do it in different games.

Fortilla Eliminations (3)

We must go to La Fortilla, one of the new locations with the name of the season and which is located in quadrant C6 and C7. We must make three eliminations and you can do it in different games.

Fuel a vehicle in Rincón Rencoroso

To complete the challenge we need to locate the service station or gas station closest to Rincón Rencoroso, one of the new locations on the map that is located in quadrant G7. Even if you see on the screen “step on a vehicle in Rincón Rencoroso”, the correct translation would be “put fuel to a vehicle in Rincón Rancoroso”.

Well, we need a gas station in which to fill the fuel tank of our vehicle and that is in Rincón Rencoroso and specifically we have one south of this same location.

Before going to the gas station we must focus on finding a vehicle, there are quite a few scattered throughout the game. In this area you can look over the bridge to pick up one of the vehicles, or you can land in nearby areas such as Ciudad Comercio or Sleeping Pools where there are many.

As you well know, fueling a vehicle is very simple, and basically we must park the vehicle near one of the gasoline tanks at the service stations. We get out of the car, we approach one of these tanks, we interact, and we drag the hose towards the vehicle until we see that the percentage begins to rise.

It is not necessary that you kill the henchmen that are in this area because you will not require a lot of time to fill up fuel, but if you have time you can dedicate yourself to eliminating these henchmen or even disguise yourself as one of them in a phone booth to go unnoticed.

Light bonfires at Haddock Campground (3)

First we must know the location of Abadejo Camping, which is an emblematic place that has been accompanying us for a few seasons and which is basically the big island in the southeast area of ​​the map.

Well, we have to go there, and fan (not just light) three fires, and we must locate them. We offer you the map with the three bonfires although we are going to tell you more clearly where each of them are:

You have a bonfire right in the port area, to the east.

The next one is very close. You simply have to go around the building in its southern area and you will find another fire next to several chairs and a red armchair.

You have the third campfire right in the center of the island, next to a chest, an umbrella and several chairs.

To stoke a campfire is as simple as lighting it and then stoking it with 30 units of wood. But note that if we reach that campfire and another player has already used it, we will require the addition of 300 units of wood to restore it and then 30 more units to enliven it.

Try to get to Abadejo Camp first because if there are already other users, the investment in wood could go up to 990 units in the worst case, but if you are alone you would only have to spend 90 units.

Collect metal in Hidro 16 (200 units)

Hidro 16 is an emblematic place (D7) that is located right where the dam is, to the northwest of Campo Calígine. We must collect 200 units of metal in the area or in the building itself.

Eliminate minions or looters

We have to eliminate henchmen or looters in a challenge that you will be able to perform naturally with the passing of the challenges and the days. There are a lot of looters scattered throughout the game, especially around Grudge Corner where you will already have to do a weekly challenge.

Eliminate minions or raiders (70)

The same as the previous one, but you must perform this challenge together with your friends or in groups with three other people and together eliminate 70 looters or henchmen.

Fortnite Season 3 Week 8 challenge solution

These are all the challenges of week 8 of Fortnite season 3:

  • Search chests at Frenzy Estate (7)
  • Eliminations in Señorío de la Sal (3)
  • Complete the boat time trial in Locura Lanchera
  • Get from Ciudad Comercio to Pleasant Park by car in less than 4 minutes
  • Gather Wood from Holy Hedges (500 Wood)
  • Deal damage to opponents from inside a vehicle
  • Deal damage to opponents from inside a vehicle (10,000 points)

Solution to all the challenges of week 8 in Fortnite season 3

Search chests at Frenzy Estate (7)

To overcome the challenge we must go to Finca Frenesí, a named location that is located in the E4-F4 quadrant, and we simply must open seven chests, something that we can do in different games.

Eliminations in Señorío de la Sal (3)

To do this, we must eliminate three opponents, in different games if you want, in Señorío de la Sal, which is a named location located in quadrant D4.

Complete the boat time trial in Locura Lanchera

First we give you the location of the emblematic place of Locura Lanchera that is located just to the right of Hidro 16:

Once we have reached this area, we must find any of the motorboats that are available around here, and go to the starting line of the circuit that is located in the center of the huge lake.

Once we have got to the starting line we must go to the blue icon to start the time trial where we must go through different clocks that appear on the water.

Time is very important since we will only have a few seconds to pass through each of the water clocks.

How to complete the lap in Locura Lanchera

As soon as you start the race, you have a clock right in front of you, and then a bunch of other clocks placed on the surface of the water. The idea is to collect each of them while we accelerate with the boat, first the ones in the center of the circuit and then the two at the bottom.

The most complicated to take is one that lies right on the wooden ramp and another in the sky after taking that jump, so we must hit a good acceleration.

When we have taken the previous jump, there is another clock located on another wooden ramp, looking back, and that you can take the last one.

You don’t have to go back to the finish line because as soon as you have managed to collect all the clocks, in the order you want, you will have overcome the challenge.

Here is a video with the route:

Get from Ciudad Comercio to Pleasant Park by car in less than 4 minutes

Best route to perform the challenge

Although there are other routes that can be totally recommended, the one that we present below is the one that we found to be the fastest and with which you could have plenty of time to spare for something unforeseen. Basically it is about leaving Ciudad Comercio and arriving at Parque Placentero from the east, previously passing through Finca Frenesí.

Which vehicle to choose

Vehicles appear randomly on the map, so just look for one in Commerce City and one that has a full tank of gas, so you don’t need to refuel in the middle of the road.

Are there gas stations along the route?

On the route that we have presented to you there are two gas stations. You will find a gas station just before reaching the bridge that takes us to Finca Frenesí, and the last gas station also just before the bridge that takes us to the Placentero Park itself.

Challenge difficulties

The greatest difficulty of the challenge is not the time that is more than enough, nor the location of cars that there are enough, if not the rest of the opponents. It is likely that along your way you will meet several enemies who want to destroy your vehicle, and you must be very careful. Try to overcome the challenge by Team Fight trying to make the zone of allies fall on the path we have laid out. Here is a video with everything he traveled:

Gather Wood from Holy Hedges (500 Wood)

We are going to have to go to Sacred Hedges which is a named location located in quadrant B5, and gather 500 units of wood. Try to find the wood not only from trees, but also from houses. Another challenge that you can calmly do in different games.

Deal damage to opponents from inside a vehicle

Another challenge that invites us to use vehicles, but this time inflicting damage from within them. In addition to cars, you can also use other types of vehicles such as motor boats or helicopters and you can either shoot through them, or even run over your rivals.

Deal damage to opponents from inside a vehicle (10,000 points)

Exactly the same as the previous one, but we must do it in a group of four players, either with friends, or randomly in a squad game. We all have to get 10,000 points of damage


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