Fortnite Parental Controls In Fortnite

Fortnite includes a series of settings on its platform that can be modified from the configuration menu that appears in the user interface. If your children play Fortnite and you have agreed with them to deactivate the restrictions, surely you want to know how to deactivate or remove parental controls in Fortnite?

How to Disable or Remove Parental Control in Fortnite

Fortnite parental controls

The Fortnite parental control is a resource that allows you to set limits regarding the actions that a player can see or do in the game.

What is the Fortnite parental control for?

By activating parental controls in Fortnite , parents of children who play Fortnite filter adult language from text chat. Also, they can hide the names of players who do not belong to the squad, hide the player’s name, activate or deactivate the chat and receive reports on the time the child spends playing the game.

How does the Fortnite parental control work?

Just like Windows parental control works, Fortnite parental control has a custom settings menu that focuses on aspects such as adult language, automatically rejecting friend requests, hiding the player’s name, the control of text and voice chats and purchase restrictions.

Parents interested in configuring this control must access the Fortnite platform and in the menu to the right of the interface they will find the option “Parental Control”. The system requests a password or PIN and a confirmation via email. Then, a window will appear showing the configuration options and the “Save” button.

Advantages of Fortnite parental control

With Fortnite parental controls, parents can monitor the time their children spend playing the game and restrict communication with other players by disabling voice and text chat. Furthermore, it is possible to hide the player’s name to protect their personal data and to unlink the child from other unknown players. It is even possible to take actions when a child has spent money on Fortnite without their parents’ permission.

Next, we explain what you must do to deactivate or remove parental controls in Fortnite successfully.


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