Fortnite for Android: Requirements To Play

Fortnite for Android  is closer than ever. The popular battle royale  game will  be released on Google’s  operating system  without using the Play Store. It will be installed from its website, but the latest clues indicate another possible way: the Samsung Galaxy Apps .

Fortnite for Android would also be distributed from Galaxy Apps

From  XDA-Developers  they have obtained the apk file that Epic Games will distribute to install Fortnite for Android once its launch occurs. Thanks to this, they have been able to begin to analyze the code and discover new details of the  battle royale  in mobile version. Thus, despite the recent announcement that  Fortnite for Android will  be distributed from the Epic Games website, it seems that there will be a second, more traditional route.

Since it will be exclusive to Samsung devices for four months, Fortnite for Android would be available in Galaxy Apps . Specifically, within the game code, strings  referring to the Samsung In-App Purchase SDK have been detected  , a package of resources that handles payments within applications through the Samsung store. Its presence would indicate that, at least during those first months or at least on Galaxy mobiles, Fortnite for Android would be present in  Galaxy Apps  for download.

This is also due to the fact that Samsung offers a profit split of 20% for them and 80% for the developer with a special program. In addition, they leave the door open to agreements with other distributions, so it would not be surprising that Epic Games has reached a specific contract with another division of benefits that will provide them with more money in exchange for the promotion of having Fortnite exclusively for Samsung mobiles .

Fortnite for Android would come to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

When launching the game, Fortnite for Android identifies the device it is installed on. This has made it possible to confirm the exclusivity of the Note 9 , since the apk file seeks to confirm the existence of the S-Pen, among other steps. On other Samsung devices the game starts, but prevents login. And among the various device checks are the following lines, which allow the game to start if

  • ro.vendor.product.device starts with “gts4l”
  • ro.vendor.product.brand is “samsung”
  • com.sec.feature.spen_usp to check if the Samsung S Pen is used.

Two interesting details: the first is the compatibility with Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 . The second is checking the S-Pen, perhaps to activate new functions when playing.

15,000 V-Bucks for reserving the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you really want to play Fortnite for Android, you may want to pre-order the  Samsung Galaxy Note 9 . And, if so, you will receive a juicy reward: 15,000 V-Bucks to use in-game to download Fortnite skins and much more, the equivalent of $ 150. With this in-game  currency you will have enough to buy the skins and weapons you want.

These are the minimum requirements

As reported by the colleagues from  MovilZona , the minimum requirements of Fornite for Android are as follows, so that you can know if your terminal is compatible for, among other things, playing with friends from other platforms by activating crossplay .

  • Operating system: 64 bit Android version 5.0 Lollipop or newer
  • RAM memory: 3GB or greater
  • GPU type: Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher


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