Whether you play Fortnite, Counter Strike or any other game, learning the controls is a prerequisite. If you want to develop your skills in the game that is. In this article, we therefore wanted to tell you more about how to learn to master the keyboard in the popular game Fortnite.

We have many times, both from our own but also from others, experienced a great frustration when you start playing a new game and do not understand half of all commands. At the same time, keyboards are also quite complex, which means that you quickly overlook a number of important commands.


As Fortnite is a game that also offers a blissful mix between survival, shooting and construction, it means that there are very many controls to keep ready. Based on this, we thought we would compose a complete guide to all Fortnite controls, so you do not miss any important commands!




Below you will find all the standard commands available on Fortnite on PC:


Action Command
Run straight ahead, backwards, right and left WASD
Cursor Mode Left alt / Right alt
Jump Space
Shoot Left mouse button
Aim Right mouse button
Reload the weapon R
Use E
Trap Equip / Picker T
Building edit G
Repair / Update building F
Rotate building R
Change building materials Right mouse button
Reset building edit Right mouse button
Running Left shift
Weapon slots 1,2,3,4
Ability slots 5,6,7
Gadget slots 8.9
Building slots F1, F2, F3, F4
Trap slot F5
Change quickbar Q
Scroll through slots – up Scroll down
Scroll through slots – down Scroll up
Chat Enter
Quick chat message B
Note N
Spot target Middle mouse button
Select building type V
Toggle map M
Toggle inventory IN
Skip cutscene Space
Resurrect Left mouse button
Respawn Right mouse button
Crouch Left Ctrl
Push to talk Y


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