Fortnite Chapter 2: Legacy Season 4 Achievement List

Our Fortnite Achievements Guide Part 2: Season 4 has a complete list of everything you can do in this new Battle Pass Season! If you are a fan of achieving something, then you should take a look at this series of achievements that you can do over the course of the season.

We usually see additional achievements throughout the season, so be sure to check back after each update for more information!

What are achievements?

Achievements can be obtained by completing unique tasks or completing a certain number of objectives during the season. It’s mostly for fun, so if you get a little bored of the game, they’ll suggest another one to work on. They do not grant experience, so if you want to upgrade your Battle Pass you will need to fill out the punch cards. Each of them can be completed only once during the season, you can view all your achievements in the Career tab.


So my point is that these were originally called achievements, but they are now known as Legacy. This is an important distinction because you will need to complete some of them in order to earn points on your punch cards!

NEW: Patch 14.20 Legacy and Achievements

You can earn new legacy and achievements in the new 14.20 patch.

  • Daywalker– Kill an opponent as a Blade.
  • Craven the Hunter– Hunt the Wolverine.
  • SNICT! – Wolverine woke up.

14.10 Legacy and Update Achievements

  • Glory to Bast– Deal 1966 damage with Black Panther’s kinetic armor.
  • Wind Rider– Used Storm’s Whirlwind Burst ability 75 times.
  • Savage Slash! – Destroy 4 opponents in one match with the Wolverine’s Claws ability.
  • Iron Hand Rule– Destroy 63 opponents with Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets.
  • I Smite Thee– Destroyed an enemy with Thor’s Mjolnir Strike.
  • Objection! – Eliminated an enemy with the Hulk Fists ability.
  • Space Force– Destroyed the enemy with the Gatherer as a Silver Surfer.
  • We Are Venom– Capture an enemy using Venom’s Smash & Grab ability.
  • Free Cannon– Destroy 20 enemy buildings in one match with Iron Man’s Unibeam ability.
  • Berserker Barrage! – Destroyed 180 enemy buildings using the Wolverine’s Claw ability.
  • Secret Wars– Win 84 Marvel LTM matches.
  • BREAK! – Destroyed 80 enemy buildings using the Hulk Fists ability.
  • WHAT DO YOU HAVE, BAB? – Eliminated enemy with Wolverine’s Claws ability.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4 Achievement List

  • KA-BLAM! – Earned AR Expert in season 4.
  • Boom– Earned Explosives Expert in Season 4.
  • POW! – Earned a Pickaxe Expert in Season 4.
  • Silver Sable– Earned the Pistol Expert in Season 4.
  • Scattershot– Earned Season 4 Shotgun Expert.
  • Sub-Machiner– Earned Sub-Machiner Expert in Season 4.
  • Hawkeye– Distinguished Sniper Expert in Season 4
  • Two-Gun Kid– Earned 2 Weapon Specialist awards in a single match in Season 4.
  • Fury– Earn 3 Weapon Specialist awards in a single match in Season 4.
  • Bullseye– Earn 4 different Weapon Specialists in a single match in Season 4.
  • Punisher– Earned 5 Weapon Specialist awards in a single match in Season 4.
  • War Machine– Earn 6 Assorted Weapon Specialist awards in a single match in Season 4.
  • Ultimate Carnage– Earn 7 Weapon Specialist awards in a single match in Season 4.
  • Marvel Team Problem # 100– Win 100 Doubles in Season 4.
  • Marvel Team Challenge # 10– Win 10 Doubles matches in Season 4.
  • Marvel Team # 1 Problem– You won a duo match in Season 4.
  • The Avengers are going! – Win 100 Team Matches in Season 4.
  • Defenders– Won a Team Showdown in Season 4.
  • Offline Challenge– Win 100 Solo matches in Season 4.
  • Weapon X– Win a Solo match by knocking at least 10 players out in 4 seasons.
  • House of X– Won 10 Singles in Season 4.
  • Origin Story– You won a singles match in Season 4.
  • Fantastic Four– Win 100 Squad Matches in Season 4.
  • X-Force– Win 10 Squad matches in Season 4.
  • Crossover Event– Won a squad match in Season 4.
  • Golden Age– caught a mythical  golden  fish in season 4.
  • Dumpsterfire – Set fire to dumpster.
  • Days of Fatal Bass– Destroyed by a mythical goldfish in Season 4.
  • Firestar– Burned 100 enemy buildings in Season 4.
  • THWIP! – Immediately eliminated an enemy after pulling them out of a harpoon gun in Season 4.
  • Annihilation–  Destroyed an  enemy that just unlocked the supply drop in Season 4.
  • Blaze! – Destroyed the enemy with a rocket launcher.
  • Fall From Grace– You destroyed an enemy while they were hovering in Season 4.
  • Marvel One-Shot– Kill an enemy with the Mythic Goldfish in Season 4.
  • Clobberin time! – You destroyed an enemy with the Harvesting Tool in Season 4.
  • Oh my stars and garters! – You destroyed an enemy while flying a rocket in Season 4.
  • Fastball Special– Destroy an enemy by hitting them in Season 4.
  • 1st appearance– will appear on a new map in season 4.
  • Collecting Complete– Collected all coins from the Purple XP coin
  • How to Throw the Marvel Way– Dropped a consumable in Season 4.
  • Hail Hydro– Used a whirlpool in Season 4.
  • I Rest My Case– Won a match as the Hulk.
  • No One Rivals Doom! – Awakened Doctor Doom.
  • Erratic Behavior– Awakened She-Hulk.
  • Perfectionis an awakened mysticism.
  • Goddess. Cloud walker. – Awakened storm.
  • God of Thunder! – Awakened Thor.
  • Suit! – Awakened Iron Man.
  • Secret Identity– Used a phone booth to disguise herself during Season 4.
  • Only Rock can be built here– You destroyed 62 enemy structures with Doctor Doom’s Mystic Bomb ability.
  • Rock does what he wants! – Used the Battle Call emote as Doctor Doom.
  • Identity theft– Mystic changed 16 times.
  • If I don’t, Bucky, I’ll die! – Ate the shield like Captain America.
  • SHIELD– Received the 1965 Shield in Season 4.
  • Forge– Upgraded weapons 84 times in Season 4.
  • Put down the hammer– destroy the enemy with Mjolnir.
  • Armor Wars– Destroy 87 Stark Auto Defenses as Iron Man.
  • Strange! – Destroyed the enemy with a rusty can.
  • Tremble before death! – Destroy 4 opponents in a single match with Doctor Doom’s Arcane Gauntlets ability.
  • Best atDo – Destroy 10 opponents in a single match as Wolverine.
  • Force of Nature– You destroyed an enemy in a storm like a Storm.
  • True Believer– Reach level 220 in Season 4.
  • To me, my board! – Used Silver Surfer’s Board ability 48 times.


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