Fortnite: Battle Royale building system Guide

All information about the Fortnite: Battle Royale building system


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Despite the similarities between Fortnite: Battle Royale and PUBG , there are several differences, and one of the most important is the ability to build and destroy the environment, which guarantees less need to organize an ambush inside ready-made buildings. In this article, we’ll go into more detail about defense, the building system, and provide some helpful building tips in Fortnite: Battle Royale .

Absolutely any object on the map can be destroyed, and this can be done in several ways, thereby obtaining building materials. This is the first reason for destroying buildings, so each player has a pickaxe to collect resources.

How do I get the materials?

There are two things to keep in mind when using a pickaxe. When you destroy an object, you make noise. Due to this, opponents in the environment can recognize your location and sneak up unnoticed. Therefore, as far as possible, you need to act quickly. The fastest way to destroy objects is to hit the blue rings that appear after you interact with the object. The higher the strength of the object, the more blows it will take to destroy it. Clicking on the blue rings will speed up this process twice.

Blue rings speed up the destruction of objects and the collection of resources

There are three types of building materials:

  • Wood is the most common resource, but the least durable. You must use wood for exploration, building stairs and bridges that will allow you to reach secret places on the map. Under no circumstances use wood to create fortifications, and if the situation forces you to do this, then erect at least double walls. The best way to get wood is to cut down thick and tall trees (in the locations Wailing Woods, Lonely Lodge and Moisty Mire).
  • Brick, clay, stone – these resources are not as common as wood, but they are more durable. Brick is good at building fortifications, but not as good at protecting against explosions as metal, so it should be your second choice. Buildings made of bricks cannot withstand a single blast from a rocket launcher, which will cause certain problems in the later stages of the game. You will get this material by destroying brick walls (for example, in a prison), chimneys and just ordinary boulders lying in the open air.
  • Metal is a material that provides maximum protection against damage. Metal buildings can withstand a single rocket launcher shot, making it the best building material in the game for building fortifications. You can mine metal from vehicles (trucks and trailers provide a lot of metal) that you find in towns and villages. The best places to find metal are Greasy Grove and Pleasant Park.

In addition, there are two more sources of resources. Firstly, resources can be found while exploring locations, taken out of boxes, raised on the floor of rooms, etc. Another source of resources is the dead bodies of opponents. The amount of resources required depends on your playstyle and luck. After you find yourself in the late stage, you will need from 300 to 400 units of metal in order to repair damaged fortifications. If you build an entire fortress, then be prepared for the fact that the safe circle will move to another region, and you will have to retreat, and already there you will build a fortification on a new one.

Using the building system when exploring a location

The best method of using the building system will allow you to reach places that are not otherwise accessible. If you hear a flickering sound when entering a house, then there is a high probability that the treasure chest is in the attic. Remember that you cannot destroy the floor under the chest, otherwise it will be destroyed along with it.

You can build a ladder to reach hills that would otherwise be inaccessible. Attacking the enemy from the hills, you will gain a significant advantage.

Way up

In addition, you can create bridges between different hills. Just remember that crossing such a bridge makes you a relatively easy target. Someone can destroy the block connecting one elevation to the bridge, which will lead to the destruction of the entire structure and your fall.

While exploring, there is a high chance that you will run into another player. Building walls is a standard tactic used by most gamers. And you can use this to your advantage! Instead of walls, you can build several flights of stairs to be above the enemy’s position. Thus, he will not expect to see you from above, and in general, such positions are always the most profitable.

If at the end of the game the safe circle narrows and ends up in a forest clearing, under the open sky, then you can build a ladder to climb the trees, allowing you to hide from enemies.

How to build fortifications?

At any stage of the game, you must have a sufficient amount of resources to build fortifications that allow you to defend yourself against attacks (it is advisable to have metal with you). If, while exploring the location, you encounter an enemy or they open fire on you from behind, then you must be prepared for this (there is nothing worse than a situation when there is simply nowhere to hide and there are no resources to build fortifications). To build a wall, select it from the buildings menu and point to metal. Thus, as soon as you hear a shot, try to build a metal wall as quickly as possible, which will protect you from fire and give you time to prepare a counterattack.

In the later stages, if you have a sniper rifle, then you can try to build a fortress. It makes no sense to build large fortifications earlier, since there is a high probability that the safe circle will simply move to another point on the map and you will have to leave what you erected earlier.

Instead, try to build one of the optimal structures:

  • 1×1 – This structure consists of walls forming a right angle with an internal staircase. This is a less optimal structure due to the fact that it only allows you to keep an eye on one area (the one facing the stairs). Use it as a temporary solution. She protects you just like everyone else. Higher levels can also be built depending on the location. If the enemy is armed with a grenade launcher, then build a roof.
  • 1×2 – this structure also has a rectangular shape with a staircase inside. This is a more reliable reinforcement. It has the same properties as the previous one, but additionally provides the ability to monitor the entire environment. Depending on the location, you can also build higher levels. Just remember that building a 1×2 reinforcement requires more materials than choosing a 1×1 structure. If the enemy has a grenade launcher, then build a roof.

One of the most common sniper fortifications

An interesting fact . At the moment of shooting, you can press a key to restore the strength of the structure in exchange for a certain amount of resources. You do not need to wait for the enemy to destroy your fortification to rebuild it.

An interesting fact . If the enemy has a grenade launcher, then try to build a roof over your head. Thus, you will protect yourself from a grenade flying from above. After that, it will be possible to edit the walls built earlier, and leave a hole between them for shooting at the approaching enemy.

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