Force / choose a graphics card or GPU to use for a Windows 10 app / game

PCs and especially laptops come with an integrated graphics card e and a dedicated graphics card with powers GPU ( Graphics Processor Unit ) unequal.

When using a video-intensive application such as a video editing application or a game, you want to choose which graphics card .
There are solutions to force the use of the graphics card and GPU on an application or launch a game with an AMD or Nvidia graphics card .
This can be done from Windows 10 settings, NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Radeon.

Here is how to force and choose the graphics card and GPU for an application or game on Windows 10 .


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Finally Windows 10 also introduces these advanced graphics settings and parameters.
You can therefore choose the applications that will be able to use the high graphics performance .
This can be useful to force the use of the most powerful graphics card.

To do this, follow this tutorial:

Windows 10: adjust the graphics performance of an application


The choice of graphics card is also based on the performance level linked to the power supply parameters.
Most PCs come with utilities to switch from a high performance level to a low one.
This then influences the default graphics card used for games and applications.
Therefore, if the user starts a game with the low level, the graphics card with the least power will be used.
There is then a risk of a sharp drop and drop in FPS.

When you launch a game and it stalls, check your PC’s performance level.

On laptops, there are shortcut keys to switch from one performance profile to another .

The switch can also be done automatically depending on the Windows power options .
Several performance profiles exist such as optimal performance or energy savings.
If you are experiencing game slowness and FPS drops , this is something to check out.

Optimizing CPU Power Options on Windows

You don’t have to worry about it if you haven’t messed it up.
The wrong choice of drivers can also cause problems when switching between the Intel, AMD or Nvidia card.

But manufacturers provide software that can tune graphics cards.
From these, you can choose which graphics card to use for your power hungry applications.

Check if this fixes performance issues, drops in FPS, freezes.


Here’s how to force an app or launch a game with the AMD graphics card .

AMD Radeon Software allows you to adjust the performance status:

  • Open Radeon Software
  • Then click on the Performance tab
  • Then Advisors
  • Finally set to game mode. If you are energy efficient, the less powerful graphics card will be used.

On older drivers there is the AMD Catalyst Control Center tool .
From the latter in the power options, check that everything is at maximum performance.

The 3D games and applications tab allows you to list the applications.
Also check that the performance is at the maximum for games or graphics applications.

Well done ! you have successfully chosen and forced a game or application on the AMD graphics card.


At Nvidia everything is automated through NVIDIA Optimus technology.
This automatically optimizes your notebook or laptop by allowing remarkable graphics performance, while improving the autonomy of your battery.

  • Optimus technology is fully automatic.
  • Get better battery life and great graphics without manually changing settings.
  • Without any slowdown or interference. Optimus automatically improves your notebook experience without disturbing you in your work.
  • NVIDIA GPUs with CUDA technology deliver at least 10 times the performance. This allows you to enjoy your apps and games without worrying about running out of battery.

Finally it is still possible to force or check on which graphics card an application is launched.
To do this, you have to open the Nvidia control panel :

  • Right click on the desktop then NVIDIA Control Panelfrom the context menu
  • From the icon in the notification area of ​​Windows 10and systray
  • On the left, click on Manage 3D settings
  • Then in the Select the preferredgraphics processor for this program list , choose your most powerful NVIDIA graphics card.
  • Otherwise check the CUDA settings of the application.
  • By default, this should say global settings.
  • The application therefore takes over the global parameters by default.
  • Here we see that we are running with GeForce.

Well done ! you have successfully forced the use of the NVIDIA graphics card.



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