For what reasons does Hi5 permanently delete accounts?

Hi5 is a social network that began operating at the beginning of 2003, which achieved enormous acceptance by the Spanish-speaking public, especially in Latin America, when it turned 4 years online it already had more than 70 million registered users on its platform . The main objective of this platform was to be the largest social gaming center of the moment.

After a few years, this social network was sold to Tagged, a North American company that for many years was Hi5’s competition. If you had an account or want to create a profile on this social network ,  you should know that it is still alive and that you can recover your account even though you have not used it for a long time, in this post we will show you how to do it.

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  1. What is the difference between the old Hi5 and the current one?
  2. Does the old login data still work?
  3. Procedure to reactivate an account suspended due to inactivity
  4. For what reasons does Hi5 permanently delete accounts?
    1. Sexual content
    2. Put someone at risk
    3. Promote racism
    4. Promote drug use

What is the difference between the old Hi5 and the current one?

The biggest difference between the two versions of this social network is that the first was focused on the user community enjoying the so-called “Social Games” where the idea was to attract more contacts and friends to join the network with the In order to obtain more benefits in your gaming profile and thus make you more popular within the platform.

Now with the changes that Tagged brought, the new owners have given a more important focus to finding new people, making friends and functioning as a network whose priority is meeting new people to chat, make friends and establish an online community grouped interests in common for dating.

Does the old login data still work?

From the data you used when you first registered with Hi5 you will only be able to use your email , since the accounts that were created before the sale of Hi5 will have to go through a reactivation process and in this case you will only be able to use your email , the password must be created again and reconfigure your profile under the new interface of the platform.

Procedure to reactivate an account suspended due to inactivity

There is a requirement that you must meet in order to reactivate your old Hi5 account and that is that you must have access to the email associated with your Hi5 account, if you do not have access you will have to go through the process to recover your email account first. On the other hand, if you have access to your email account then you should go to the address: and enter the email with which you registered in Hi5 and press the button ” Send”.

In a few minutes you should receive an email in your inbox with a link that you must click, once you do, you will be redirected to the new Hi5 page to configure your new password, do it according to the instructions that are given and There you will be able to finish the process of reactivating your account and you will have access to the basic data of your profile and to all the new tools that have been incorporated into the platform.

For what reasons does Hi5 permanently delete accounts?

While it is true that Hi5 is a social network to express yourself freely, there are certain conditions that you must meet that will guarantee a healthy and respectful environment within the entire user community, so if you violate any of these rules, Hi5 administrators may make the decision to permanently delete your account.

In this case it is important that you know that there are topics and contents that are totally prohibited for all users, below we will mention the most outstanding ones.

Sexual content

At Hi5 it is completely prohibited to share information related to sexual content of any kind, including cyber sexual harassment , innuendo and username that may be related in any way to this topic. People who violate this rule will receive a permanent suspension of their accounts.

Put someone at risk

It is also forbidden to share any type of information that puts the integrity of any person at risk, so personal information should not be shared , such as the address of room, work or current location. Which can be provided so that a stranger can take some action towards someone who puts his life at risk. So it is important to prevent harassment by protecting your data.

Promote racism

In Hi5, all kinds of racism are completely forbidden, no type of content that promotes disrespect for the race, belief, culture of the people who make up this network should not be shared . Therefore, committing this offense will immediately represent the permanent deletion of the account that promotes this content.

Promote drug use

The promotion of the use or sale of illegal substances , drugs of any type or category within the Hi5 platform is totally censored , people who despite this warning begin to promote this issue will also receive a permanent suspension of their accounts.

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