Foods you should not eat on an empty stomach

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The foods we consume in the early morning determine how much energy we will have to consume throughout the day. Yogurt, coffee, orange juice or a piece of fruit and toast; It is how we think it is the perfect breakfast, but what most people do not know is that there are foods that are not recommended to eat on an empty stomach. Ascensión Marcos, president of the Spanish Federation of Nutrition, Food and Dietetic Societies (Fesnad), points out that “all food that contains excess saturated fat , be it industrial pastries or that coming from processed meat, as well as confectionery with high amount of added sugar they are not beneficial to consume first thing in the day ”.

How would they negatively influence health? It depends on the person it will affect you in one way or another. Some individuals report symptoms of stomach pain or heartburn when they eat certain foods on an empty stomach . Cecilia Almuiña, director of the International Medical Institute of Vithas International , affirms that “this occurs because these foods can worsen the symptoms of reflux or gastritis in people with previous pathology or predisposition to it . An example of this is coffee, due to its high caffeine content ”. In the breakfast ritual, in case you want to consume caffeine, it is better to mix it with something else. It also happenswith citrus, they can increase heartburn symptoms . If you want to consume juices you must always opt for natural fruit and vegetables instead of processed ones.

Likewise, carbonated drinks can also damage the gastric mucosa . “In this case, we must not only avoid them on an empty stomach, but we must limit their consumption in general, as it is directly related to obesity, ” says Almuiña. Regarding people suffering from flatulence or meteorism, which is due, in most cases, to unconsciously swallowing air or exaggerated amounts of gas in the abdomen, they experience an increase in the sensation of bloating with fasting sugar intake. Similarly, Marcos stresses that ” there are foods that promote adipose tissue, and can cause obesity and cardiovascular disease .”

Conversely, the best way to break your fast in the early morning is to opt for a balanced breakfast . Marcos points out that there are three foods in particular that must be included: fruit, dairy and cereals without sugar . “The saturated fat in milk and dairy is very healthy, since the micronutrients ( vitamins and minerals ) are better absorbed through the micelles it contains . Today, there is calcium deficiency due to the high consumption of vegetable drinks(badly called milks) that provide practically no micronutrients. Among the cereals, a slice of bread with virgin oil is the best option, ”says Marcos.

For his part, Almuiña points out that you can also choose “ a small portion (between 30 and 50 grams) of serrano ham, cooked, turkey, chicken, egg or half a can of natural tuna . As well as a bowl of oatmeal or another type of whole grain cereal. ” In addition, we cannot forget dried fruits, which despite their caloric content due to their high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, provide micronutrients and fiber . “The ideal would be a handful within the ration of the day. Now, it should be clarified that peanuts are not included in nuts , “concludes Marcos.


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