Foods that help fight anemia

Anemia is characterized by a lack of important nutrients that cause the hemoglobin level in the blood to be below normal.

Iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and proteins are some elements that, when lacking, can cause anemia, but the most common condition is related to iron deficiency.

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To combat the problem, a dietary change is necessary and often the use of vitamin supplements, among other medications.

But, for those who want to prevent the problem and prevent anemia, check out the foods that fight this disease:

• Bean

Rich in iron, beans are one of the ideal foods for those who want to prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency. If you are not a big fan of beans, bet at least on the broth that can be put in soups or to give a different taste to rice.

• Red meat

Red meats are also rich in iron, and the good news is that the nutrient contained in these foods is more easily absorbed by the body than in the case of legumes.

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Include at least one red meat in one of your main meals, such as lunch or dinner.

• Spinach

In addition to iron, spinach contains vitamin A, B9, E and C. This last vitamin is essential to help iron absorb by metabolism.

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To include this food in your meals bet on natural snacks, soups, savory pies and even a green salad.

• Whole grain bread

If you need to increase the amount of iron in your diet but don’t want to increase the numbers on the scale, whole grain bread can be of great help.

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Like other foods, it is rich in iron and will help to combat iron deficiency. Include wholemeal bread for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

• Orange

Rich in vitamin C, orange is a fruit that can help your body absorb more iron from other foods. Both pure fruit and juice can help with this task.

Try a glass of orange juice for breakfast or make a fruit salad including this and other fruits rich in vitamin C for dessert or afternoon snack.

• Beet

Beet is also an iron-rich food, helping to repair and reactivate red blood cells, increasing the flow of oxygen throughout the body.

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It can be eaten raw as a salad option, sliced ​​or grated, mixed with carrots and green leaves or cooked as an accompaniment to meals.

Who does not dispense a natural juice can mix the beet with the juice of carrot or orange.

• Eggs

Eggs are rich in protein and therefore help to replace those that are lost when you are anemic. Opt for the cooked version, which is healthier than fried eggs.

Boiled egg salad or even an omelet are some ways to include eggs in your meals.

• Lemon

Similar to orange, lemon is rich in vitamin C, and therefore helps the body absorb more iron during meals, as well as replenishing vitamins and strengthening the immune system.

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Lemon juice or using fruit as a dressing for salads and fish are a way to make this food help fight anemia.

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• Milk

As you saw at the beginning of this text, it is not just iron deficiency that causes anemia. Lack of vitamin B12 can also cause red blood cells to malfunction.

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This type of anemia is common in vegans and vegetarians who avoid eating meat, milk and dairy products.

If you do not follow any vegan or vegetarian diet, try to drink at least two glasses of milk a day, to ensure that vitamin B12 levels remain stable.

• Peanut butter

Those who do not dispense a sweet in their diet can count on peanut butter to fight anemia. It has a high iron content and can be passed on bread or toast and eaten for snacks or breakfast.

It is also worth including roasted peanuts in your diet if you don’t like the taste of peanut butter.

• Tomato

Vitamin C and lycopene are the main nutrients present in tomatoes. In the fight against anemia is the issue of vitamin C, which will help the absorption of iron by the metabolism.

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Tomato juice, use of fruit in the preparation of sauces and even the traditional tomato salad are some examples of how you can consume this food daily.

• Acerola

This is a fruit rich in both iron and vitamin C. So, including it in your diet is a great way to prevent anemia. It even reduces symptoms such as tiredness and fatigue and increases your immunity due to the presence of vitamin C.

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You can consume the fruit naturally, through juices or even mixed with other fruits, such as dessert or afternoon snack.

• Fish

In addition to being a healthier type of meat, fish are also rich in iron, as is the case with salmon and tuna. Ideal for those who do not want to leave the diet but need to deal with anemia.

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Try to prepare the roasted, grilled or cooked fish and season it with lemon, to increase the absorption of iron by your body. To help fight anemia, you should eat this food three to four times a week, with a choice between lunch or dinner.


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