If you follow this rule you can drink cocktails even if you are on a diet

Staying on a diet seems easier in the summer, when meals are lighter and the heat discourages the consumption of heavy foods such as fried food, intigoli, elaborate desserts : this is true, but you must also take into account what you drink .

In summer, in fact, the opportunities for socializing are much more numerous and so it happens to find yourself sipping more drinks than those taken into account: alcohol is rather caloric (7 calories per gram) and drinks are generally rich in sugar, also drink a aperitif also involves consuming finger food , usually delicious and packaged so as to swallow a super caloric tidbit after another.

Some nutritionists (such as Bonnie Taub-Dix  and Joy Dubost ) have shared some simple rules with their readers and followers to enjoy a drink even if you are on a diet.

The first simple rule is not to lose count : a drink does not mean five or six, both for the waist and for mental clarity.

The suggestion is also to pay attention to what you drink : in addition to alcohol, many cocktails contain other very light elements such as cream, coconut and other caloric delights. If you are at a poolside party, choose sangria : much healthier and more dietetic than any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink.

Beware of drinks with the word “light” : they often contain more sugars than expected and in any case authorize those who drink them to exceed, psychologically speaking. Better to drink a dark beer or a fruit cocktail, which is one.

Finally, a classic that is always worth remembering: always drink plenty of water , the size of a glass for each alcoholic cocktail that is consumed. In this way you stay hydrated, you “mix” the alcohol in your blood and above all you keep count, realizing when it’s time to say enough.


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