Flora and Fauna of Baja California

The flora and fauna of Baja California , Mexico, is very rich because this region has two maritime coastlines. To the east is the Gulf of California, and to the west is the Pacific Ocean.

Its territory is very irregular, counting on 80% of scrubs, and 4% of coniferous forests . 9% are chaparrales on top of the mountains and 7% of the territory is for agricultural use. The entire coastal area of ​​both coasts is covered with dunes.

Among the flora, the cirio tree (endemic to Baja California), pines, cedars, staphs, manzanitas, foxtails, reeds, oaks, alamillos and hoyas, among others, stand out.

Among the fauna, the  scorpion lizard, the cougar, the desert foxes, the blind mole, the squirrel, the shrew, the bighorn, the bighorn, the Monserrat and San Lorenzo mouse, the coyote, the bat, the wild cat and mule deer.

The sea coast is inhabited by  sardines, dolphins, killer whales, sperm whales, seals and blue, gray and humpback whales

Flora of Baja California

1- Saguaro

It is a type of cactus or cardon. It can reach up to 15 meters in height and a diameter on its stems of 65 centimeters.

Its ramifications usually exceed the number of seven. The flowers are short petalled and white in color, they are large and come out at the end of the stems. Its fruits are edible.

2- Black sage

This plant is native to southwestern California and northwestern Baja California. It is an aromatic shrub up to two meters high.

The flowers have a double border, with blue, white or lavender corollas.

3- Wild lilac

It is a native plant in San Diego County. It remains green throughout the year and can grow up to three meters in height.

The flowers range from sky blue to white. Blooms in spring.

4- Herb of the virgin

It grows in the chaparrales, at the foot of the mountains and in the pine forests of Baja California.

It reaches a height of two meters. Its flowers are bright yellow and have four petals.

5- Mint from Otay’s table

It is native to California and northern Baja California. They are small plants of little more than 15 centimeters. They have a strong fragrance and their flowers are purple.

6- Bella wench

It is a plant that grows wild in meadows or at the foot of the roads. The flowers are small and showy yellow.

The fruit reaches 2 centimeters long, with conical tips. Contains the ingredient that gives mustard flavor. With this, the beautiful wench protects herself from herbivores.

Baja California fauna

1- Roadrunner

It is a bird that lives in Baja California and the southern United States. He gained fame with the animations in which he fought with the coyote so that it would not eat it.

It is of terrestrial customs and only makes small planes when it descends from a bush. It feeds on small rodents, lizards and insects.

When he starts the race, his long tail serves as his rudder. It reaches 32 kilometers per hour.

2- Striped coastal crab

It is found in Baja California, in the San Francisco Bay and in California. It is characterized by having transversal stripes on its shell.

3- White-tailed rabbit

It lives in the chaparrales of the coastal zones, from Oregon to Baja California. Its fur on the back is gray or light brown. The back of its body and tail are white.

4- rattlesnake

This viper’s habitat spans Baja California, northern Sonora, and the southern Nevada desert. It measures up to 75 centimeters.

His skin shows dark, small, square spots. It has a horn-shaped bulge above the eye. It is a very poisonous species.

5- bighorn sheep

Live in the deserts of the American and Mexican Southwest. It is characterized by horns that curl up as they grow.

In older individuals the horns can be up to one meter long, and 30 centimeters in diameter at the junction with the head.

6- Californian quail

Native bird of Baja California, as well as California (United States), where it is a state bird. It is a small quail of 20-25 cm with a singular crest that grows from its forehead. Its plumage is grayish, with black and brown spots.


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