Flat stomach diet: how to get rid of abdominal fat

Having a flat stomach is a dream for all women . With a lot of effort and sacrifice, deflating the belly is not impossible, on the contrary, it can even be achieved within a few days: there are in fact specific diets for having a flat stomach in a week. The essential thing is definitely to make an adequate deflating diet, eat certain foods and eliminate others: let’s not forget also the physical activity that is essential to lose weight in the belly and have a flat and enviable belly. But how can you have a flat stomach?

Flat belly
The causes of a swollen belly are varied. Sometimes the cause is water retention: not expelling the liquids well one feels the belly swollen. A sedentary lifestyle also causes the formation of gas, as well as incorrect nutrition based on foods that increase this disorder. At other times, especially when you have a swollen belly after meals, food intolerances such as gluten or lactose may be going on. Therefore certain foods must be eliminated.

How to deflate the belly
How to flatten the belly? How to deflate the belly? According to the diet, to deflate the belly you must first eliminate some foods. The foods that swell the most are legumes, broccoli (and similar vegetables) and peppers. Milk, foods with refined sugars and especially carbonated drinks are also foods that swell. Fried foods, sausages, cold cuts and red meat should also be avoided.

Lose belly Belly
deflated diet: how to deflate? To lose weight in the belly, try to drink a lot, especially water and herbal teas, such as green tea, which helps to deflate the belly. The foods that deflate the belly exist: you should take proteins and eat fresh fruits and vegetables, belly deflated foods par excellence. You can eat white meat such as chicken, turkey and rabbit. Fish helps and eliminate the belly because the omega 3 contained in it are anti swelling.

How to get rid of the belly
Vegetables can be eaten almost entirely: better to avoid broccoli and similar vegetables because they tend to swell, as well as peppers. The rest of the vegetables can be eaten without problems, especially fennel which have digestive properties. In the same way the fruit can be eaten, but better to choose the one with few sugars. Cereals are also very good for removing tummy.

fat How to get rid of abdominal fat? To fight the fat belly you should eat little bread and pasta because they are leavening foods that ferment inside the stomach. In addition to nutrition, physical activity helps lose abdominal fat. Running and walking are undoubtedly two exercises that burn a lot of calories, as well as an exercise bike. To lose the tummy the best exercise is definitely doing abdominals that help eliminate abdominal fat.

How to have a flat stomach
How to reduce a belly? According to the diet to lose weight belly and hips you should take 1200-1400 calories per day. We must try to drink a lot and to move as much as possible, especially for short trips. You should eat 5 times a day, light meals to keep your metabolism working as much as possible and have a flat stomach.

diet Diet for flat stomach: how to lose the belly by eating? The diet for sculpted abs and perfect abdomen is simple and effective. Breakfast is very important to activate the metabolism: obviously you have to eat something light like low-fat milk, a herbal tea or a juice without sugar accompanied by rusks or a fruit. Also as regards the snack it is advisable to choose a fruit or a smoothie. What to eat for lunch? 60-80 gr of wholemeal pasta or rice with vegetable or fresh fish dressing. As according to a white meat, a fresh fish or an egg and a vegetable side dish. For dinner in the same way choose a second of white meat or fish and a side dish of vegetables (or salad), all accompanied by two slices of brown bread or rice cakes.

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