Fix;WhatsApp and Instagram won’t launch on iPhone

Today, October 4th, the biggest disruption in the history of digital online services occurred. At the same time, the work of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram was disrupted all over the world. They say that Twitter and Telegram were partially affected in the same way, but with a high degree of probability, interruptions in the work of the latter two platforms are not related to the first trio. Let’s try to figure out what could have happened, that they were disconnected all over the world at once, and whether something can be done about this to bring the services back to work.

Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook went down. For the first time so long


  • 1WhatsApp and Instagram crash
  • 2Vatsap does not work on iPhone. What to do
    • 1How to change DNS on iOS
  • 3How to clear Instagram cache

WhatsApp and Instagram crash

To begin with, the failure that occurred today is not related to the work of cellular operators and landline Internet providers. That is, the cause of the problem is on the side of the services themselves. Apparently something happened to their servers. Industry experts believe that it could have been an update that was installed on all servers in the data center, and it was this that disabled the services themselves.

Has WhatsApp Stopped Working? You are not alone

That is why everyone fell at once – Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram . After all, if someone spilled a cup of cappuccino on the server’s dashboard, in the worst case, what could happen is a failure in the territory of one region that serves the damaged server. And since the failure happened all over the world, it is obvious that we are not talking about such trifles as damage to the command post.

If you are still sure that the problem for which WhatsApp or Instagram does not start is on your side or on the side of your operator, there are several easy ways to try to get the services back online.

WhatsApp does not work on iPhone. What to do

The first thing I would advise you to do is to start by turning off the internet on your device:

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone;
  • At the very top of the settings, select “Cellular”;

Turn off cellular data and then turn it back on

  • Open the “Cellular data” section of the settings;
  • Turn off cellular data and turn it back on.

How to change DNS on iOS

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection instead of 3G or LTE, it makes sense to try changing the DNS. This is a more effective method for restoring online services.

DNS – это система доменных имён, представляющая собой распределённую систему для получения информации о доменах. Проще говоря, это специальный конвертер, который превращает IP-адреса сайтов, состоящие из цифр, в привычные нам доменные имена.

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone;
  • Select the Wi-Fi section in the settings;

Sometimes changing DNS helps

  • Here open the “DNS Settings” tab;
  • Select “Manual” and enter in the field.

This should change your DNS and allow Wi-Fi networks to handle domain names more efficiently. You can read more about what this affects in a separate article. Everything there is written as simply and intelligibly as possible, and most importantly – expanded. Therefore, do not neglect new information, it will definitely come in handy.

How to clear Instagram cache

Well, the third way that Watsap or Instagram can restore the work is to reset them. It happens that these applications accumulate too much cache, which interferes with their functioning. As a rule, such problems occur mainly on Android smartphones, but sometimes, as they say, a stick shoots, and a hole happens on iOS as well.

Removal is the most radical way

Fortunately, you don’t have to go into the settings and try to distinguish between cache and non-cache. It will be enough just to remove Instagram and WhatsApp and other applications that for some reason do not work, and then reinstall them. The main thing is to remember that you need to delete not only the applications themselves, but also their data. Therefore, confirm the deletion of data when WhatsApp or another service asks you about it.

After that, just go to the App Store , find the app you want and download it. Yes, there will be no problems with Instagram and Facebook, but after the removal of Vatsap, the entire history of correspondence from it will disappear. Therefore, I strongly recommend using our instructions for restoring chats from WhatsApp, which were deleted during account transfer or unintentional deletion. It will come in handy.

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