Fix;DirectX RUNTIMES are not Installed’ Error in Windows

Computers are allied tools of the human being, they have been of great help because they have not only helped us with complicated tasks but also to evolve and progress, all this through programming, programmers have used programming as a basis for creation and modification from basic software to an entire operating system.

These machines not only evolved the way man performs his activities, they clearly also had their transformation, cataloged by generations, currently they are among the fifth or sixth generation, there is even talk of a seventh, improving in physical aspects as well as software, better graphics, interfaces, applications and others, including the DirectX application.

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  1. What is DirectX?
  2. Files necessary for the correct operation of DirectX in Windows
  3. Why do I get the error “DirectX runtimes are not installed”?
  4. Common DirectX-Related Errors
    1. Directx Runtime RivaTuner
    2. RivaTuner for Windows 10
  5. Why must DirectX be installed with every game?
  6. What is the use of having DirectX installed on my computer?
  7. How to download and install the version of DirectX that corresponds to me

What is DirectX?

The DirectX program is software created by Windows, it is an application programming interface although you probably recognize it more by its acronyms which are APIs, this is used as a support and enhancer of the system to perform tasks that are focused on multimedia sections, which range from making audiovisual projects look good to optimizing and accelerating video games, which is their greatest strength.

This was born from Windows 95, specifically in version NT 4.0, this arose since Microsoft saw potential in its operating system if it changed the way it was played in the previous system, since to play in one of these previous Windows systems, you had to use boot disks in the DOS system, this is where the role of DirectX came in and with time it changed the way of playing games in Windows.

Currently DirectX continues to work in Windows, it has had endless evolutions and updates, with the purpose of continuing to help the user perform multimedia activities , not only on computers since Microsoft applied DirectX in the same way on its Xbox consoles, however , although DirectX is a great program, it is not absolved that we can have errors with it.

Files necessary for the correct operation of DirectX in Windows

While installing the latest version of Windows, you will get DirectX, it is usually out of date . Given this, Microsoft provides us with a tool to download DirectX , this being the first.

At the same time, it is just as important that you have your graphics card drivers updated , which is necessary to fully use DirectX. In turn, for the correct operation of DirectX, it will be necessary that all your equipment is working in order.

Why do I get the error “DirectX runtimes are not installed”?

“DirectX runtimes are not installed” is an error that sometimes occurs on our computer, we can notice this error when we run a video or mostly a video game, we can notice that it lacks the quality that it should normally have, the frames do not go up correct way, its graphics in the same way and so on, this may be because we do not have the correct version of DirectX.

In this article we will show you how to solve this error, so that you can have the corresponding quality in the multimedia sections, follow these steps to solve this DirectX error:

  • The first thing would be to see what version of DirectX we are using, for this, we can use the Windows Execute command, this we can make it appear by pressing the Windows key plus the R key, then a small window called Execute will open, in it we will write “dxdiag” and execute.
  • Next we will see a window called DirectX Diagnostic Tool, this will have several tabs, among them a system call, in it we can see which version we have installed.
  • Also in the screen tab we can see information such as the graphics cardthat we have installed, the latest versions of its drivers, these can be updated to have better performance.
  • Depending on our system,we must have the DirectX version, if you have Windows 7 the DirectX 11 version corresponds to you, if you have Windows 8 the DirectX 11.2 version and with Windows 10 the last corresponding version which is DirectX 12, we recommend that you keep updated DirectX to its corresponding version.

Common DirectX-Related Errors

Startup errors often signal a missing important file. In turn, possibly the most common error is the one in which the system says that a certain DLL file was not found. Both errors are solved most of the time by installing DirectX again . On the other hand, many have pointed out that MSI Aferburner causes them problems with DirectX, let’s analyze this.

Directx Runtime RivaTuner

It is an error that arises when running MSI Aferburner , in most cases its solution is to install DirectX again. In turn, it is recommended to update the MSI Software.

RivaTuner for Windows 10

Another variant of the above problem , just update DirectX and MSI Afterburner to fix this annoying problem. Similarly, update your graphics drivers.

Why must DirectX be installed with every game?

DirectX should not be installed with every game, but it does need to be updated to play . In any case, installing DirectX with each game can help if necessary files are needed to run the program.

What is the use of having DirectX installed on my computer?

DirectX is indispensable in modern computers, being one of the most relevant software tools for games. The games make extensive use of the DirectX APIs, which warrants that the application is completely up-to-date and up-to- date .

How to download and install the version of DirectX that corresponds to me

If you used the dxdiag tool and discovered that you have a version of DirectX that does not correspond to your system, don’t worry, we can install the correct version, there are several methods to do this, we can both use the Windows Update options to update our Windows system and among these download the version of DirectX or similarly, look for the corresponding version on the official Windows page.

If you decided to download it from the official Windows page, you will have to do the installation manually, this is very easy, after having downloaded the DirectX installer, it can usually come in a .zip or .rar file, we will extract it and after that We will run it as administrator, the installation menu will open , we will accept its terms and conditions, install, restart our pc and DirectX will be ready.


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