FIX: Sling TV error 8-4612 and error 5-419

  • Whether the channel refuses to load or can’t connect to Sling over Wi-Fi, it’s time to take immediate action.
  • A simple interruption of the Honda can explain any of these errors. Assuming that’s not the case, restart Sling TV or force stop the app processes.
  • You can also test your internet speed as it is mandatory to get streams of more than 1.0 Mbps. You are already familiar with the alternative.
  • Although the steps outlined below should help you, nothing is final. If you frequently experience similar problems, please bookmark our Streaming Hub for more solutions.

Sling TV is an obvious choice when you put a high price on channel flexibility and reliable broadcasts. However, Sling TV errors like 8-4612 and 5-419 are nothing out of the ordinary.

They may make you question your decision to replace your cable subscription with this video streaming service.

Many users complain about the fact that they cannot connect to Sling via Wi-Fi. The Sling TV error 8-4612 that you are seeing often points to an internet problem.

Others get a 5-419 error instead and no channels will load. One case or another, don’t let these issues pile up and change your Sling TV experience.

Here are the suggested steps you should take to resolve Sling TV errors 8-4612 and 5-419.

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  • How can I fix Sling TV error 8-4612 and error 5-419?
    • Make sure the Sling TV is not down.
    • Restart Sling TV
    • Force the Sling TV application processes

How can I fix Sling TV error 8-4612 and error 5-419?

1. Make sure the Sling TV is not down.

Don’t imagine the worst when a simple Honda outage can lead to 8-4612 and 5-419 errors. Check if that is your case as well.

2. Restart Sling TV

Follow the book and follow through with an easy troubleshooting tip that works most of the time. Even if the Sling is not down, occasional transmission problems do occur.

All you need to do is close the Sling app and then restart it. This should make any temporary streaming problems go away.

3. Force the Sling TV application processes

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut to open Task Manager .
  2. Under the Processes tab you will find a list of all running applications and background processes on your system. While you’re there, select the Sling TV app process .
  3. Click End Task below.
  4. Launch the app again and see if the error is still there or if you can get back to your action and adventure plans.

The above steps can be applied on your Windows 10 PC. However, the procedure varies slightly if you are enjoying Android TV.

Basically, you need to open Settings , select Applications , then the Sling TV application . Press the Force Stop button , then launch the application again.

The sling can be reached at 1-855-318-0572.


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