Fix: ING notifications not working on Xiaomi

If you have a Xiaomi smartphone and an ING Direct account, you may have encountered problems with notifications . This can be a major setback in your banking procedures, since ING’s banking model is eminently digital.

This problem is even greater for Xiaomi models that have the notch integrated . In that case, the notifications did not appear on the screen, which prevented their correct use. But for every obstacle there is a remedy and we are going to show you how to configure your Xiaomi correctly so that you can know everything that happens in your accounts.

What is the notch?

Activate your notifications step by step

The process of activating ING notifications on a Xiaomi differs slightly from that of other Android mobiles. However, it is also very simple by following a few steps.

  • Enter the ING application , access the Menu , and click on Notifications .
  • Activate the notifications that you are going to use. They are related to your accounts, cards, funds or activities as a broker.
  • Go back to the Settings section on your Xiaomi and click on Notifications .
  • Find your ING app and enter it.
  • Once there, select Lock screen and turn on Show all notifications.
  • Then you must activate Prioritize .

What if I have a Xiaomi with notch?

The notch models of the Chinese company, such as the Xiaomi Mi 8 or the Xiaomi Mi 9 , have generated several difficulties in receiving notifications. To solve them, there is a free application Notch Notifications for MIUI . You just have to download it.

The app allows you to decide where you want the notifications to be seen and at what size you want them to appear. Although it is not a very aesthetic solution, it is very functional.

Notifications are essential information to know the details of something as sensitive as our bank account. Therefore, correctly configuring the ING notifications for our Xiaomi is a must to know all the details of the movement of our money.

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