FIX: Hulu keeps disconnecting me from my account

  • Hulu users have complained of continuous logouts from various browsers, operating systems, or devices.
  • This article tries to cover the possible reasons why this is happening along with some solutions.
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As is the case with any paid service, the Hulu video-on-demand streaming service is mandatory on the account. Individual enrollment is required if you are on the one-month trial period or any paid plan you choose.

That said, it appears that one of the most common account-related issues with Hulu is that the service keeps disconnecting the user.

Repeated logouts have been reported with various browsers, operating systems, or devices (such as smart TVs or Xbox game consoles).

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  • Why does Hulu keep disconnecting me and how to stop it?
    • Update the Hulu app
    • Update your web browser
    • Clear cookies and cache
    • Change the browser

Why does Hulu keep disconnecting me and how to stop it?

1. Update the Hulu app

If you are streaming videos while using Hulu on an Android device , the repeated logout issue might appear because the app is out of date. To fix this, go to the Play Store , find the Hulu app, and click Update , if available.

2. Update your web browser

Similarly, Hulu could continue to delete your account details due to a lack of major updates to the web browser you are using on your mobile device.

Try the same recommendations as above to update your web browser.

3. Clear cookies and cache

If the updates were not installed automatically when they were available or using the previous solution, the device could be low on storage space. Make sure to clean up some space by clearing the cached data from the Storage section of the Settings menu .

To be even more cautious, find the app and make sure it hasn’t cached the remaining date yet.

The same is true if you are on your PC or laptop. For most browsers, cookies and cache can be found in the main menu (the upper right corner of your browser)> Settings> Privacy and security section.

4. Change the browser

When an error persists after some fixes have been applied, we recommend reproducing it in a similar environment, in this case in a different web browser.

Please note that if you have used a third-party provider to pay for Hulu, account recovery is not possible.


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