Fix blur in a photo with Corel Photo Paint

What do we do when we see a blurry appearance in a photograph? Corel Photo Paint is a program developed by COREL Corporation; used to edit photos or bitmap images using brushes, filters, fonts and tools. Although it can be purchased individually, it is part of the CorelDraw Graphics suite and complements Corel Draw and other programs in the package.

The latest stable version of Corel Photo Paint is version X5 Service Pack 1. It was released on August 9, 2010. Its interface can be customized and has excellent performance compared to similar programs, such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro (which belongs to the COREL Corporation brand).

This program has a wide range of tools to modify photos; a very popular one is the one that helps us eliminate red eyes from an image using Corel Photo Paint . Not to mention the brushes and erasers that allow us to draw whatever we want; It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, because you can always undo the last action made with the eraser or brush tool in Photo Paint .

But its best feature are the filters . Since they modify an entire image or a selection of it, with just a couple of clicks on its options. Without having to do anything manually, as with brushes.

What is a filter and what is it used for in Corel Photo Paint?

It is the most used feature of editing programs. Selecting the image renders it and allows you to add a specific effect to change its appearance. Filters can easily modify the color and sharpness of the image.

There are many filters , a photo may be intentionally slightly blurred; when applying motion blur using Corel Photo Paint , as this gives it a sense of scrolling. Another widely used filter allows us to create a sepia tone image in Photo Paint , giving a retro style to the photos.

Why does a photo look blurry?

When we see a blurry-looking photograph, this happens for two reasons; The first is related to the way the photo was taken with the camera. With some cameras, the shutter speed is very slow or was slightly shaken when holding it with our hands.

To avoid that, we must try to take photos with a tripod or by placing it in a fixed place.

The second reason is due to the low resolution of the image with respect to the resolution of our device. This will blur the photo. To avoid this situation, we only have to ensure that the image has a high resolution, that is, as close as possible to that of the device where we view the photo.

Fix blur in a photo with Corel Photo Paint

You may think that we will not be able to recover the image from its blurry appearance, but there is a solution for that in Corel Photo Paint. Through a sharpening filter, to enhance the contrast at the edges of the photo or reduce shading, thereby making a blurred image look sharper.

We can outline a complete image or in part, using a selection tool type mask, before that we must have the image layer selected in the Panel on the right side of the screen; then we go to the next menu option Image> Correction> Profiling Settings .

In the ” Profiling Settings ” window there are 4 thumbnails with 4 setting modes: “Unsharp mask”, “Adaptive shaving”, “Profiling” and “Directional profiling”. Below are 2 sliders (“Percentage” and “Background”), to manually adjust any of these 4 effects.

We select the thumbnail “Outline” , it allows to accentuate the edges of the image, by focusing the less sharp areas and increasing the contrast of the pixels around it. We can click on the thumbnail to further accentuate the effect, if we consider that the result in the preview is not what we expect.

The window allows us to remove the last filter applied to the image in the “Undo” button; or if we have several filters applied and we want to return to the original state of the image, we click on “Reset”. To see the result of the filter, we can click on “Preview” and apply it by clicking “OK” .


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