Five popular myths about weight loss

For David B. Agus , American Cancer Society Award , physician for personalities like Steve Jobs, and author of “Prodigious Habits to Live Longer and Better . ” a healthy weight corresponds to a healthy body. “When too many pounds (or too few) are saddled with the body, it is unable to function optimally. In addition, being overweight increases the risk of practically all chronic diseases and conditions, from the most obvious, such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes, to dementia and cancer. This is why it is important to stay at a healthy weight. What happens is that many people are misled on some points that need to be clarified, “says this expert.

These would be, according to Agus, the five great myths or erroneous beliefs about weight loss:

  1. Walking you lose weight, or what is the same, step by step you make your way by walking. The truth: losing weight requires effort. It takes more than a brisk walk a day to lose weight.
  2. Only realistic goals will help you lose weight. The truth: It is possible to set an illogical goal and still lose weight.
  3. If you set too ambitious a goal to lose weight, you will not achieve it. The truth: Being as ambitious as you like despite the frustrations will help you keep going.

4. If you are not mentally prepared to change your diet, you will not succeed. The truth: In this case, a little motivation can help you get very far. If you are mentally willing to make a few changes to your diet, you will succeed.

  1. Weight that is lost quickly recovers quickly, due to the so-called rebound effect. The truth: moving slowly and steadily doesn’t always work. Some people manage to lose weight quickly and permanently.


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