The first baby haircut

t’s time to make the first baby haircut. How to do ? Several solutions are available to you: take the scissors yourself, ask your hairdresser or even look for a specialized salon. Explanations and advice.


  1. When should baby hair be cut for the first time?
  2. How to cut baby hair at home?
  3. Cutting baby’s hair in a hair salon

Her hair grew well. It is time to clear his eyes, his neck and his ears … But, how to cut his hair without it moving too much? Should I wait until he is one year old? Are there hairdressers for the little ones  ? Instructions for the first baby haircut .

When should baby hair be cut for the first time?

There is no rule in this matter except  common sense . Below six months , if baby does not have hair that really bother him , it is better not to cut it ! Indeed, his hair grows quietly until it spreads all around his skull. Especially since the ” first hairs ” generally fall up to around six months. To consider a cut, it is better to wait until all of his little head is definitely garnished . It can last up to 1 year or more, it all depends on the babies.

Each parent identifies when the cut becomes necessary  :

  • The hair falls into the eyes;
  • The hair covers the ears;
  • The hair stays warm in the neck.

Sometimes, too, its natural cut can be unsightly . This is for example the case when his bald head (due to friction on the mattress) contrasts with long hair which falls on the nape of the neck. The famous mullet cut!

The  first haircut  therefore mainly consists in rebalancing the whole and  clearing the eyes, neck and ears . To refine or give a style, it will take a little longer, at least two or three years.

In terms of hair vitality, Alexandra Quéméneur, head of the Mum & Babe1 salon, says that ” cutting hair very early does not make it more fragile or stronger! ” In short, you can really make up your mind without any pressure .

How to cut baby hair at home?

Cutting an infant’s hair is often quite complicated . He fidgets , can  be  scared because of the scissors … In addition,  the implantation and movement of the hair is still unclear . In short, only the parents have every chance of missing their mark. For Alexandra from Mum & Babe, ” it’s a real risk-taking for baby’s safety but also its look “.

However, if you want to do some touch-up yourself  (shorten a fringe, clear the ears and the nape of the neck, etc.):

  • Take a pair of scissors with round ends(those for the nails of the little ones)
  • Install baby on his table seat or in his stroller(with the belt) to limit his movements.
  • One other person can entertainin one way or another. You can also give him his snack (if he already takes it alone) in order to divert his attention.
  • Explain what you are doingand take your time so that the situation does not become stressful.
  • Finally, do not cut too short– better to start again than to regret having removed too much.

There is an alternative, it is the hairdresser at home . For example at Viadom2, you just have to announce your child’s age when booking a service. Viadom takes care of finding a hairdresser at ease in this kind of mission, knowing that  styling a baby can take a long time . The advantage: your child will feel  confident in his environment . On the price side, be sure to inquire in advance because each dressing table has its own grid.

Cutting baby’s hair in a hair salon

Whichever option you choose, at home or at a hairdresser, it is very important to ensure that  the baby hairstyle session takes place at the right time  : when the baby has slept , eaten and been changed . Don’t forget to  explain to her what will happen to her , especially if you opt for the hair salon. In addition, the feeling of losing ” a bit of yourself ” can disturb him … To offset this effect, offer your child to keep the wicks in an envelope and offer them to a loved one or even to Santa Claus, as Alexandra suggests . 


First possibility:  turn to your hairdresser . Ask him in advance if this kind of exercise doesn’t scare him and when the salon is least rushed. The big hairdressing brands do not offer specific care for toddlers but can very well accept your request. On the other hand, they will need your help to install baby (which remains on mom’s lap)  and distract him .

In terms of prices, it all depends on the habits of the house and the time spent with your little one, but that should be  around 15 euros . No need to count a shampoo, the hairdresser will manage by moistening baby’s hair if necessary.


Second possibility:  look for a  specialized hair salon for children in your area. The hairdressers will then be able to anticipate your little one’s movements , without having to ” block ” or cut their hair while they are crying. Attractive decor, feeling, pedagogy, fun breaks or even surprises and treats: the specialized hairdressers ensure the well-being of the little ones and therefore a first cut without risk or crisis  ! ” The atmosphere must be relaxed, the child must understand our actions and we must remain attentive to his reactions and his needs. If necessary, we do not hesitate to take several breaks to play“, explains Alexandra Quéméneur. Suddenly, in her living room, moms can breastfeed or change babies if necessary in the middle of the service.

Question price, it takes between 9 and 25 euros . You will need to return there two to four times a year depending on its ” regrowth rate “.

To  familiarize him with the world of hairdressing salons , but also so that he understands that he is not the only one to go there, you can  take him with you before his first appointment for example. Try to make your appointment at a low hour so that he does not have to bear the noise of hair dryers, the smell of hairspray and other creams and that he does not wait too long.

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