Find out how to keep pigeons and start earning extra income

Want to make fun business by investing a little money? Do you know that keeping a pigeon in twelve months gives a pair of thirteen pigeons? In our country, many poultry live with poultry. A little extra work and supervision can easily be an additional source of income for pigeon keeping. As pigeons can meet the needs of the Amish, there is also a side business or increased income. There is also a huge demand in the poultry meat market.

Why start a pigeon-keeping business?

  • Pigeon rearing is a way to enjoy and have a good time.
  • Since pigeon meat is very nutritious and delicious, there are many other benefits for patients and children.
  • Two babies are available each month and within 3 weeks the baby is ready to sell.
  • Pigeon disease is generally less common. So the business risk is less.
  • The cost of food is very low and it does not cost much to build a living room.
  • Anyone investing less money can start a small pigeon farming business.

What breed pigeons?

There are less than 20 species of pigeons worldwide. The pigeons of the Silver King, King Texena, Douka, Kaura varieties are notable for meat production. If you want to entertain pigeons for recreation, then you can breed pigeons of Siraji, Peacock, Lahore, Girbaj. Their prices are higher than other pigeons and the demand is good. Pigeons of this breed are mainly for those who live in pigeons. In our country, you can reach the famous Jalali pigeon in memory of Hazrat Shahjalal, the most famous breed of pigeon.

Life cycle of pigeons

The lifespan of pigeons is about 12 to 6 years. They live in pairs and live together for a lifetime. Usually, both males and females collect the straw together and build the nest, and the baby hatches it with eggs from that house. Pigeons usually lay two eggs within 5 to 5 hours after the first 25 days. Read more – 5 Reasons to Start a Goat Business

The female and male pigeons both turn and lay in the egg, and it takes about 3 days for the baby to hatch. Pigeons feed their babies with their lips for 3 days after the baby is born. When the baby is 5 days old or older, the baby starts eating the food himself. The life cycle of pigeons is very different from any other bird or animal.

How to create a residence for pigeons

To start pigeon breeding, you must first select your preferred breed and then build the right habitat.

  • The pigeon’s house should be erected at a height above the ground, at least 5 feet high.
  • The house should be built in such a way that no harmful insects and other birds are planted.
  • There should be a system so that the light can enter the room.
  • Care must be taken that rain water cannot enter the house.
  • You can make a house with a light tin, bamboo, cane or even cut a hard fruit.
  • Height of 5 cm for each pigeon and 5 cm for seeking shelter or pigeon housing should be made.
  • To provide water and food, the foot should be kept close to the front of the hoof. Also, some straw-litter can be placed near the creek.

What do you give the pigeon to eat?

Pigeons usually eat different types of cereal foods such as pulses, rice, paddy, kaun etc. If you do not have to feed them in the open environment, they find their own food. However, one morning, one has to give food. Keeping the pigeon in the enclosed place should be stopped with food in front of the hive An adult pigeon eats about 5 grams of food per day on average

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