Financial restructuring: Learn how to plan finances in adverse situations

Maintaining a promising business in the market is not a simple task. You have to be ready for the daily challenges like paying taxes , transactions, legislation and, at times, with financial restructuring .

Thus, when realizing that your enterprise is accumulating less profit every day or even closing in the red, it is necessary to seek strategic solutions to your problems, such as financial restructuring .

Check below for tips on how to plan your company’s finances in times of adversity.


What is financial restructuring?

The financial restructuring process allows you to organize the entire structure of a company, in order to reformulate its financial and accounting control.

Through this process, it is possible to recover a company’s financial health after a period of crisis.

That is, the financial restructuring must be carried out when a project presents a significant reduction in its sales. When your cash is closing in the red and showing a drop in the level of performance and profitability.

Therefore, the entire financial department is remodeled, after a thorough assessment of which factors are relevant factors that can be optimized.

Thus, financial restructuring is a good alternative for entrepreneurs who want to overcome moments of crisis.


When is the best time to carry out the company’s financial restructuring?

The financial restructuring can be done at different times. Next, we prepare for our reader what are the best moments to carry out this process within a company.

  • When there is an increase in costs;
  • Upon noticing the loss of credibility in the market;
  • When accounting fraud is detected;
  • The moments when customers stop looking for your company.

However, you must be very attentive and count on the support of a specialized accounting professional.

Several enterprises that do not restructure their finances properly end up at risk of failing to ensure their financial stability.

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How to do the company’s financial restructuring?

In order for a good financial restructuring process to be carried out, it will be necessary to follow some steps. Here are what they are:

  1. Make a good diagnosis

The first step will be to diagnose what are the factors that are influencing so that your operation does not present a good financial return.

This step is very important, as it allows the entrepreneur to have a complete view of the situation of his company.

Indicators of problems are:

  • Reduction in the number of sales in the month;
  • Low profitability;
  • Lack of cash in the cashier to pay salaries;
  • Delays in making the payment of expenses and costs;
  • Lack of accurate control of what the financial results are;
  • Increased customer and employee turnover.

Therefore, when identifying these signs, it will be necessary to investigate to know which processes are being harmed as well as their main causes. Develop a strategic plan

The creation of a strategic plan involves a series of important measures that must be implemented. Among them are issues related to the capital of a business, among other aspects.

In addition, the implementation of strategic actions contributes to achieving goals both in the short and long term. What helps in the healthy growth of the entire organization.

  1. Develop financial planning

For the entrepreneur to be able to develop financial planning, it will be necessary to have a broad knowledge of what are the variables of your organization.

Here are the steps and how to make your plan correctly:

  • Review operating costs;
  • Check selling prices;
  • Monitor cash flow;
  • Analysis of the Result for the year (DRE).

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  1. Count on the support of a financial management consultancy

Finally, to carry out a financial restructuring correctly, it is necessary to count on the help of a specialized professional.

Therefore, through a consultancy service, it is possible to facilitate this entire process, in addition to ensuring a good result for the entire financial sector of a company.

In addition, the hired professional will have an impartial view of the entire business, being able to point out where the main errors are and what are the patterns found that most present problems.

Therefore, having the support of a financial management consultancy can benefit an enterprise in several ways. An example of this is the reduction of costs in its operations, the prevention of failures and also in the improvement of internal processes.

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Are you in need of help to carry out a financial restructuring in your company? Come and talk to one of our experts and choose an accounting like you: smart!


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