Final Fantasy XV definitive guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to our Final Fantasy XV guide . Throughout these pages we intend to make the most complete guide in Spanish of the new and expected role-playing game of Square Enix. Over the days we will expand it with new information, both with a step-by-step guide throughout the game and explaining all its facets. Do not miss our analysis.

Tricks and tips

These are the first Final Fantasy XV cheats we’ve collected.

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  • Get experience easily: Up to 1,500,000 experience points in a few minutes with these tricks.
  • Get skill points easily: Between 1,000 and 1,500 skill points in one hour and with the least possible effort.
  • Get the Flying Regalia Type-F: This way you will get this aircraft to quickly travel through the game world.
  • Infinite health and magic: This glitch will make our health and our magic points regenerate without stopping.
  • Trick to run infinitely: With this trick Noctis will not throw your tongue out at any time
  • Level up easily: The best methods to gain experience fast and level up easily in the game.
  • How to wake up and defeat the secret boss Adamantaimai :This is the way to the greatest final boss in the history of Final Fantasy, with a shape similar to that of a giant tortoise
  • Secret coloredchocobos : How to get these versions of the chocobos.
  • Secret dungeons and the eight portals of aberration :How to get to this content after finishing the game.
  • Ancient weapons :How to get the thirteen ancient weapons that the game hides.
  • Sidéreos :What are the invocations that we will find for the story mode.
  • Endgame content :What possibilities open after completing the game.
  • Cooking and recipes :All the secrets about cooking in the game.
  • Fishing :Tips for fishing, how to fish and what are the fish.
  • Galvanium Arena Minigame :How to play this Altissia city minigame that is not mentioned in the game story.
  • Iridescent Frogs :Where to find the five iridescent frogs.
  • The secret of the incomplete map :Where to find the fourteen enigmatic maps of this mission.
  • Secrets and FAQs :A compilation of doubts that users often have in the Square Enix game.

The open world of Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV returns to the open world system, this time with a lot of new features. Here we explain everything you need to know.

Types of missions

In Final Fantasy XV there are three types of missions:


  • Main missions:They are the missions of red color. These are the only missions that will have to be done to advance the story. Keep in mind that as we advance they will be of a higher level so they will have to be combined with other missions.
  • Side missions:They are the missions of blue color. These missions can be obtained from certain characters that we will find in the most important places of the game and also in a smaller amount in very specific places on the map. These missions are indicated on the world map with a yellow question mark and you only have to go to that point to speak to the corresponding person to start it.
  • Hunting beaters:They are the yellow missions. These missions consist of ending strong enemies (either alone or in large numbers) and that the mission itself will indicate. We can accept these missions from the managers of the establishments and restaurants that we will see throughout the game. Keep in mind that you can only carry one activated Hunting Batida at a time. In case we are not able to complete it, we can cancel it and make another one. Keep in mind that each shake is done at a certain time of the day, whether at all hours, all day, at night or when it rains. Hunting Batidas will be available throughout the game,

Day / night cycle

Another of the most important aspects of Final Fantasy XV is the day and night cycle.

The day lasts from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There are no minutes, therefore time advances from hour to hour every certain minute.

As we have already mentioned, some Hunting Batidas are the only missions that require specific times of the day. If you choose a Hunting Bat that is at night, the game itself will give you the opportunity to advance time until night so you don’t have to wait.

If we explore the map during the day we will find the most common enemies but at night the most dangerous creatures come out, so we must be prepared. Also keep in mind that at the beginning of the game we will not be able to drive with the Regalia at night in automatic mode and that if we decide to do it manually.

When going fishing it is also important to keep in mind that some fish only appear at certain times or even only if it rains.

Places and points of interest

Throughout the Final Fantasy XV map you can mainly find cities, service stations, gas stations and settlements.

The most important thing in each of these locations are the resource and weapon stores, the restaurants and the specific people who give us missions.

  • Resources and weaponsstore : They are the most common stores. In them you can buy basic objects, weapons, fishing gear and important objects for the Regalia and some special ones such as cooking recipes, music … whenever you see a store, check each one of its sections to check what it has.
  • Establishments / Restaurants:Whenever you arrive at a new place, enter the establishment or restaurant in the area and talk to the manager to get information about the area. Thanks to this you will find the location of all the points where there are resources to collect, be they plants or treasures. It is also recommended to try each of the dishes on the menu so that Ignis learns how to make them so you can cook them yourself when the group sleeps in the camps. Finally, it will be up to the person in charge of whom you have to accept the Hunting Batidas to get experience, guiles and some extra reward. Keep in mind that not all locations on the map have managers in which to perform these actions.
  • Resource zone:In the game there are two types of resources, plants and minerals. Plants are mainly used for cooking while minerals are for sale. On the map you will see these points marked with a leaf and a peak respectively. If there are resources available it will appear yellow and if you have already extracted them they will appear gray. Every time you talk to someone in charge of that area and ask for information they will be accessible again.
  • Fishing areas:In some lakes and rivers you will see fishing areas where Noctis can spend days fishing. It is one of the hobbies of the game and you have to raise it to level 10 to get an achievement / trophy, so it is recommended that whenever you see any of these areas you spend a couple of minutes fishing as much as you can. Keep in mind that each fish requires a specific type of lure so you will always have to be prepared because not in all fishing areas you will see stores where to buy them.

The hotels

In all the service stations, settlements and cities you will find hotels in which to spend the night. Keep in mind that the way to climb levels in the game is based on accumulating experience completing missions or killing enemies and that for the characters to gain that experience they will have to sleep in a hotel or in the worst case in a camp.

Each of the hotels, caravans and camps has a price and depending on how expensive it is, it will offer you an experience multiplier of up to double what you have accumulated.

This is very important to keep in mind throughout the game, if we manage to complete many missions without having to level up and go to the Galdin Pier we will get the x2 experience but we will have to pay 10,000 giles , the hotel in Lestallum grants a x1, 5 experience for just 1,000 guiles. Whenever you can try to sleep in one of these hotels to get the most out of your experience and not have to repeat Hunting fights or have to be killing random enemies.

The Regalia

The Regalia is the vehicle with which the group will travel throughout the game . Keep in mind that Ignis works as an autopilot and that we can choose important places such as parking lots, service stations, cities … to make a quick trip without having to waste time driving again.

There is also the possibility that the group “teleport” directly next to the Regalia, so we should not forget this possibility to save the occasional unnecessary ride.

Keep in mind that the Regalia spends gasoline but it only costs 10 guiles to fill the tank.

In the Skill Tree there are two skills that allow us to gain PH and experience for driving the car. Our recommendation is to buy only the one that allows us to earn PH.

The chocobos

The chocobos are the other means of transport of the game. To make them available you will first have to complete a chain of side quests in Wiz Chocoboreizas. After completing these missions you can rent them for 10 guiles a day.

You can use the chocobos to explore the map much more quickly and as the training level increases you will get them to go faster, have more resistance, jump higher or get some skills to help you in the fighting. There are also secret chocobos, colored, that we tell you how to get.

The Dungeons and the Ancient Mausoleums

As a final point we must bear in mind that at certain points of the map more or less hidden we will find some dungeons. In these dungeons some of the most complicated missions and confrontations of the game are carried out, so you will have to enter them well prepared.

Most of these dungeons hide the entrance to the ancestral Mausoleums. Places that you will be informed of throughout history and where you will find powerful ancient weapons.

Skill tree

As in any self-respecting role-playing game, in Final Fantasy XV we will also have a skill tree with which as we progress through the game and gain experience we will be able to unlock different improvements for our character depending on the different branches that we decide to promote : Spectral Chorus, Magic, Recovery, Skills, Lucis’ Gifts, Group, Condition, Exploration, Tactical Battle System .

Combat system, magic and summons

One of the main novelties of Final Fantasy XV is that it has decided to leave behind the turn – based combat system of previous installments, to become a much more agile and dynamic system focused on action and reflections in real time. However, the possibility of using a ” standby mode ” for combat has been included in which we can stop time in the middle of a battle to help us make decisions or develop our tactics.

In addition, in Final Fantasy XV we will also be able to use a peculiar magic system to win the combats, in which unlike other games, here the magic is not learned, but must be created and act as if they were consumables that we will have than equip our character.

Finally Something that has also changed in Final Fantasy XV is the way we have to use invocations in combat, called in this game the Sidéreos . These will not always be available for use and will also have greater relevance for use in certain specific battles of the main plot. There are six Siderealists that we can invoke: Titan, Lamú, Leviathan, Shiva, Bahamut and Ifrit . These can only be unlocked by progressing through the main story.


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