Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Welcome to our guide to Final Fantasy VIII Remastered . In it we will return to take you by the hand through the history of Squall and the rest of friends in their fight to save the world. The typical lifelong fight in an RPG, yes. But this time there are great powers involved, and it won’t be an easy battle …

Throughout the guide we will cover the following points:

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  1. History
  2. Guardians of the Force (GF)
  3. Triple Triad (card game)
  4. Limit Attacks
  5. Weapons
  6. Side missions
  7. Frequently asked questions


Story guide , step by step, to get 100% of the game . Do not leave absolutely nothing undone, or a secret undiscovered. From how all the GF are achieved, to cards, hidden bosses, tips to advance, general tips … everything at your fingertips and, as always, as spoiler-free as possible.


  • Story step by step and 100% without spoilers .

Guardians of the Force (GF)

We show you how to get all the GFs , as well as the best skills you can get from each of them. And who knows, we may have something special to tell you about the best ways to maximize your potential …

  • GF Characteristics
  • How to get GF at the end of the game .

Triple Triad (card game)

One of the most addictive mini-games ever created. The Triple Triad is the official card game from the world of Final Fantasy VIII . We show you how to play, how the rules work and, of course, how to get the best cards .

  • How to play :basic fundamentals of the game.
  • Rules :We show you what the rules of the game are and how they work.
  • Equal, Sum and WallRules : the three most annoying rules of the game, explained in detail.
  • Tactics to win :discover the Corner and the Card Diving.
  • How to avoid mixing rules :if you do not want rules that you do not want to strain in your region, we tell you what you need to know.
  • How to get the best cards :We show you the exact location of level 8, 9 and 10 cards.
  • La Cofradía CC :discover the secret card club of the Balamb Garden.
  • The Queen of Cards :A wandering character will allow you to collect some secret cards.
  • Playing cards at the end of the game :after crossing the point of no return, there are still a couple of people to play cards with … and get all you need.

Limit Attacks

Each character has its own Limit attack , a special that is done with little life or under special conditions . We show you the peculiarities of each of them, and how to get the most out of them.

  • How to use Limit attacks :you will not be able to use them whenever you want, we show you how to do it.
  • Squall Limits :Samurai and spikes are very effective.
  • Irvine Limits :Duel allows you to use special ammunition to raze enemies.
  • Selphie Limits :Roulette gives access to exclusive magic.
  • Rinoa’s Limits :Angelo and Rinoa’s powers allow her to do various things.
  • Zell’s Limits :The Kiai lets you unleash your martial arts skills.
  • Quistis limits :discover how the Blue Magic works and howunlock all attacks.


Final Fantasy VIII does not have a typical RPG weapon system . You don’t get weapons, you modify them or you make them , and the variety is not great. Here we will talk about how to get all the weapons and, of course, how to get the materials for the best weapons for each character .

  • Squall weapons :discover howget all their swords and, especially, the Lionheart.
  • Zell’s Weapons :All fighting gloves including the Ehrgeiz.
  • Irvine Weapons :all of his rifles and, of course, how to get the Exeter.
  • Quistis Weapons :How to get all of your whips, including the powerful Gold Snake.
  • Rinoa Weapons :Among the Rinoa chakrams the Lethal Wings stands out.
  • Selphie’s Weapons :She uses nunchakus, and the best is the Infallible.

Side quests

The game does not have great classic RPG-style side missions , but it does have a handful of special activities that you can carry out. We show you how to complete all of them, such as the hidden stones of Esthar, the Shadow of Lake Obel, the secret islands …

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  • Card missions :discover the Brotherhood and the Queen.
  • Los Bosques de Chocobos :the yellow birds return, but only if you overcome some mini-games.
  • Timber Maniacs Magazines :Find all the magazines and find out how to read them.
  • The Shumi People :In the far north lives a fairly peaceful town.
  • Winhill’s Vase :In a mountain town, a guy with money has lost precious possession.
  • The alien :discover the mystery of a visitor from outer space.
  • The artist’s grandson :a young man teases his grandfather in Dollet.
  • The shadow of Lake Aubert :something lives under the lake near Timber.
  • Elnoir –discover the secret mini-boss who comes from the Moon.
  • Oceanic Ruins :A group of researchers discovered a very dangerous place … and we will solve the mystery.
  • Ente Omega :ready to face the most powerful enemy in the game?

Frequent questions

  • Cheryl’s Shop :There is a closed shop in Esthar from which you will get a special reward.
  • Infinite money :knead tons of guiles with little effort.
  • Back to FH and the Balamb Garden :after getting the Lagunamov you can return to these places.
  • SeeD exams :all answers to rank up.
  • Get XP and PH quickly :discover how to level up at full speed.


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