FIFA 22: Top 10 Strongest Players

Find out here which are the strongest players for your Ultimate Team team in FIFA 22, they are the players with the highest physical attribute.

Daniel González ·16:24 10/4/2021


  1. The strongest players in FIFA 22 – Top 10
  2. How to get new players

To really shine in the Ultimate Team of FIFA 22 you will have to spend hours and hours. Of course, not everything is practice and skill, the truth is that getting the biggest superstars on the planet for your team will give you a great advantage over your rivals, as you can imagine (they are a guarantee of success).

In this case, we want to talk to you exclusively about which are the strongest players that you can use this year in FUT 22. These types of players have an imposing physique and can overcome the pressure of the rivals with great effectiveness. As part of our guide to the best FIFA 22 players , here is the list of the 10 strongest players in FUT 22.


The strongest players in FIFA 22 – Top 10

Below you can see the 10 players with the best evaluation for the physical attribute in this year’s 2021/2022 edition of FIFA. The vast majority of them are not world-renowned superstars, so they can be obtained at very affordable coin prices on the trading market.

Adebayo Akinfenwa

  • Team:Wycombe Wanderers
  • Position:DC
  • Overall Rating:65
  • Rhythm:40
  • Shots:64
  • Passing:55
  • Dribbling:56
  • Defense:35
  • Physical:74

Daryl Dike

  • Team:Orlando City SC
  • Position:DC
  • Overall Rating:68
  • Rhythm:69
  • Shots:68
  • Passing:45
  • Dribbles:62
  • Defense:19
  • Physical:78

Tomáš Petrášek

  • Team:Raków Częstochowa
  • Position:DFC
  • Overall Rating:67
  • Rhythm:64
  • Shots:45
  • Passing:38
  • Dribbling:44
  • Defense:67
  • Physical:79

Romelu lukaku

  • Team:Chelsea
  • Position:DC
  • Overall Rating:88
  • Rhythm:84
  • Shots:87
  • Passing:74
  • Dribbling:78
  • Defense:39
  • Physical:83

Abdoulaye Seck

  • Team:Royal Antwerp FC
  • Position:DC
  • Overall Rating:73
  • Rhythm:74
  • Shots:47
  • Passing:57
  • Dribbling:58
  • Defense:71
  • Physical:86

Armando Mendez

  • Team:Montevideo National
  • Position:LD
  • Overall Rating:70
  • Rhythm:80
  • Shots:37
  • Passing:50
  • Dribbling:59
  • Defense:65
  • Physical:86

Kalidou koulibaly

  • Team:Naples
  • Position:DFC
  • Overall Rating:86
  • Rhythm:81
  • Shots:28
  • Passing:51
  • Dribbling:65
  • Defense:87
  • Physical:85

Sebastian coates

  • Team:Sporting CP
  • Position:DFC
  • Overall Rating:83
  • Rhythm:68
  • Shots:49
  • Passing:55
  • Dribbling:63
  • Defense:84
  • Physical:87

Geoffrey kondogbia

  • Team:Atlético de Madrid
  • Position:MC
  • Overall Rating:79
  • Rhythm:68
  • Shots:74
  • Passing:75
  • Dribbling:77
  • Defense:78
  • Physical:89

Pape Abou Cissé

  • Team:Olympiacos
  • Position:DFC
  • Overall Rating:76
  • Rhythm:79
  • Shots:32
  • Passing:46
  • Dribbling:45
  • Defense:74
  • Physical:86

How to get new players

If you are not sure how to get new players for your squad, we remind you that it is quite simple and there are a few methods for it. Here below we summarize them:

  • Win players in packs:you can buy them in the shop with FIFA Points or FUT Coins (although chance and luck come into play with this method).
  • Get them in the exchange market:the tradeo is a quick way to grab the exact players you are looking for . However, keep in mind that, depending on the state of the market, the players you are looking for will cost you more or less coins.
  • Various rewards:some of the rewards of modes such as Squad Battles, meeting Ultimate Team goals and milestones, raising your season level, and others are precisely envelopes from which we can get new players.
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