FIFA 21 guide: best players, teams, tutorials, FUT and more

The season has started. Check out our best tips and tricks for your success in FIFA 21. Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The day has arrived. FIFA 21 goes on sale with the same force that characterizes it year after year. EA Sports offers a new version of the most complete soccer simulator . In this house we have already analyzed it . If you prefer, you can see our opinion on video through this link . Know all the editions, their differences and where to buy it .

This edition is more special because of the circumstances in which it arrives. It will be the first installment to debut on the new generation of consoles. You can take your progress FUT and Volta a PS5 and Xbox Series X | S . The company has already clarified the reasons why only these two modes can be transported, so you will have the assurance that all your advances in Ultimate Team will be with you when you make the jump.

FIFA 21 Guide – Tips, Tricks and More

You should know that our FIFA 21 guide will follow a similar structure to last season . On the right side of the screen you can see all the themes that we will touch, along with their pieces. To enter, simply click on the title you want. Easy and simple. We will touch on all the main themes of the game, both the Career mode and Pro Clubs , going through the fireproof FUT .

Not only will we offer tips and basics for those modes, such as the Squad Battles rotation date . We will also do detailed analysis on the best players in the database, as well as the techniques and outstanding watermarks that you can perform.

Then we leave you with other articles of special interest . Those that you may need to have on hand and that we consider outstanding, to say the least.

FIFA 21 Companion App: what it is and how it works

The Companion App is the companion application to the FIFA saga. Every year a new one opens to coincide with the launch of the next title. In it you will be able to touch your Ultimate Team squad, trade in the market and complete squad challenges on PC (browser), iOS and Android

  • FIFA 21 Companion App: how to download for free on iOS and Android

The best FIFA 21 players by position

Without a forward, we would be nobody in FIFA 21. To do this, we selected the 10 best forwards available in this year’s installment. From Leo Messi to Kylian Mbappé. The net is pierced by his shots.

  • FIFA 21: top 10 forwards for Ultimate Team and Career mode

The work of the media often goes unnoticed. Those who have the baton of the game are essential to generate chances and make the game flow. In the following link you will find the 10 most outstanding midfielders in all of FIFA 21.

  • FIFA 21: Top 10 Midfielders and Midfielders for Ultimate Team and Career Mode

The defense has a two-way role. On the one hand they freed the rest of the team to create the offensive transition, while on the other they are the last line of defense before the goalkeeper. We put the magnifying glass on the 10 defenders with the highest rating in FIFA 21.

  • FIFA 21: Top 10 Defenders for Ultimate Team and Career Mode

For game modes like Carrera, having a handful of promising youngsters is vital if we want to build a squad for the future. In the next link you will find the 10 best young people under 22 years (included) from the FIFA 21 database.

  • FIFA 21: top 10 youngsters and promises for Ultimate Team and Career mode

Final responsibility falls to the goalkeepers. It is a work of extremes: either you touch the glory saving a winning shot, or you make a fatal mistake that adds a goal to the rival’s box. To be safe, know the top 10 goalkeepers in FIFA 21 .

  • FIFA 21: top 10 goalkeepers for Ultimate Team and Career mode

Rewards: hours and bonuses

Squad Battles is the best gateway to build your team at the start. As a weekly rotation, every 7 days you can receive coins and packs by competing against teams controlled by the CPU.


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