Fertilizer produced from banana peas to enhance the fertility of the garden soil

If you’ve seen ‘Back to the future’ over a million times, you know that banana peels produce excellent fuel. But if you have it on your time travel device, Mr. If you use your garden as fuel without using it as a fusion, you will get more benefits. You can keep your little green friends happy by making compost fertilizers with banana smooth peas!

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The nutritional quality of banana peel

Bananas are the best food, and banana peas are rich in nutrients, which fill your vegetable’s deficiency. Earlier we knew the benefits of banana yarn.

The most important ingredient is potassium. Potassium is very beneficial for the health of your plants. It strengthens the cell wall of the fruit. It helps in strengthening the stem of the plant in use as well as in proper growth of the root

Phosphorus is the second highest mineral content in banana pods. This is awesome! Because the soil in your garden loves phosphorus. It accelerates germination, healthy roots and flowering, pollinating and fruit production.


Banana powder contains calcium and magnesium, don’t forget it! It helps in the beautiful development of your garden. But calcium helps to nourish the soil, as nitrogen is more readily available in plants.

 How to create a not -collar shell extract

How to transfer this wonderful material from your kitchen to the garden? Only banana peel can be used in your garden, but it will be more effective when mixed with other ingredients. There are some functional mechanisms in place. Make compost tea or dry manure.

  • Banana peanut compost tea can be made in a very simple way. Fill this jug with 1/4 water in a jug and place in the refrigerator. Whenever you eat bananas, add the banana peas to that place.
  • Continue this process for a week or so until the jug is filled with banana powder. Then sprinkle the liquid in a new jug. Keep the banana peel residue as it will work!

This tea is rich in nutrients. Because the nutrients (potassium, phosphorus) contained in the scalp are slowly dispersed into the tea water.

Its density will be very high so mix it with water before applying it in the garden. One cup of tea in one gallon of water will suffice. Apply it to the ground where the garden plant is located and monitor it 3 times a day.


Can’t think of what to do with the remnants of khosa? Make more food for your plants with them. The easiest thing to do is to drop the peas into the compost bin.


But if you do not want to waste time, mix them in blender and blend them to make pure manure.


You know what You can also make this banana powder and use it later!

Take a food dehydrator and put the banana powder on it at 4 ° F for 3-4 hours or cook in the oven with parchment paper for 3-4 hours at a very low temperature. You can dry it in sunlight and dry.


Once dry, crush it in a food processor or coffee grinder. Use it later on in your seed or fodder.

How banana peels fertilizer application will

Mix one teaspoon of tea in one gallon of water. Apply it on the ground under your garden tree.


Some gardeners also use fresh banana peel. Fresh bananas are dumped around the tree deep into the soil so that insects and animals move away from the tree.


The banana peel helps the nutrients get into the body very quickly. Care must be taken to keep the soil soft.


Banana peas are not a perfect fertilizer. Therefore, it cannot be used only in the soil, especially when the plants are in need of nitrogen. It is very effective for those plants which have potassium-loving banana extract such as tomato and potato. Therefore, the maximum benefit of this fertilizer will be found if you can mix it with nitrogen.

Aphids insect resistance banana peel 

Banana peels help the aphids in the plants. Because the aphid can not withstand the smell of collars. Spraying banana peel tea can keep your plant away from aphids.

For this, you need to mix 1 percent banana tea with 5 percent water and spray it on the leaves and buds of the tree.

Banana peels garlic and tomato plants as used to

I am thinking of using a banana peel fertilizer on my tomato and garlic plants. Because the tomato plants do not need the nitrogen, banana peel is very useful for this. Potassium is essential in increasing the size of garlic bulbs.


But during the growth period of garlic, it requires a lot of nitrogen which is not fertilized by bananas. However, the application of nitrogen must be stopped at the end of spring or before summer. This must be done before the scape arrives.


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