Features and Ways to Access Classrooms for Teachers

How long have you been studying from home? Ahead of the new school year, the government has announced that 94% of schools throughout Indonesia will still carry out distance learning to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. This policy was issued by prioritizing the health and safety of students, teachers, families and communities.

Many students who have started to get bored even find it difficult to complete various tasks from the teacher while learning from home. Are you one of them? Well , now there are solutions to make learning at home more practical and easy with classrooms .

Product classroom of Ruangguru is the latest product created to support teaching and learning activities in virtual or online  form service Learning Management System (LMS) for students and teachers. With class, teaching and learning activities #DiRumahAja can be more practical and effective.

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Classroom features that can be used by students

1. Receive material from the teacher

In the classroom, you can receive material provided by the teacher in the form of learning videos in the study room, pdf documents, docs or jpeg, and website links .

See material directly from the teacher

2. Work on assignments

You can work on assignments given by the teacher directly, in the form of multiple choice questions and essays. For multiple-choice questions, the teacher can make their own questions, take from the practice of learning spaces, or the learning space of the bank. As for essay questions, teachers can only make their own questions. All questions given by the teacher MUST be answered by students.

Doing task

3. Give comments

Teachers and students can interact question and answer in comment features on a given material or assignment.

Write a comment

4. Check the results of the assignment

You can see the results of the work done by the View Worksheet button. On the Worksheet, you can find out the right answer for each question. In addition, you can also check the status of the work done, whether it has been assessed by the teacher or not.

See the results of the assignment

5. Communicate with friends and teachers in the Class Chat Room

All students and teachers can communicate on the chat feature in 1 class. All assignments and material will also appear in the chat feature . You who just joined the group chat can still see the previous chat history . You can also send files in the form of photos or documents in chat .

Study chat room

Advantages of using classrooms for students

1. Easy access method

For those of you who have subscribed, you can immediately try free room class through your Ruangguru application, you know . Really easy right?

2. Get complete study material

When you have subscribed, you can immediately get a complete and interesting study material from Ruangguru. Use this study material whenever and wherever you want.

3. Do more practical and orderly tasks

You can more easily do the work and do n’t have to worry about any work left behind All tasks you receive will be neatly stored, so there wo n’t be slippage. Psst , do not need to send the job via whatsapp or email one by one. Simply collect and do your work directly in the Ruangguru app easily through classrooms.

  1. Communicating with teachers and classmates is easy

No need to be confused anymore to ask questions and communicate with the teacher about the assignments given while studying at home, with the Class Chat Room feature . You can also discuss with classmates through this feature, you know .

  1. Learning is more practical

Not only see the learning material provided by the teacher, you can also see animated learning material in the learning room.

How to access classrooms for students

With class, learning at home can be more practical and effective. Through a variety of excellent features from the classroom, asking questions directly with the teacher in the class and discussing with friends becomes easier. You can also directly work on and collect assignments in the Ruangguru application, you know . No need to hesitate anymore, let’s try it free classroom now!


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