Far Cry 5: fishing guide

In this article, you will find helpful tips to help you successfully fish in Far Cry 5.

Fishing is one of the more challenging activities in Far Cry 5. You can go fishing in your spare time or during several missions. For example, during the recruitment of a bear named Cheeseburger.

You can also hunt in Far Cry 5. Like fishing, this is a completely optional activity. Information on this topic can be found in a separate guide .

How to prepare for fishing?

The main thing in fishing is the rod. A standard model can be found near every fishing spot. Other (improved) rods you must find or purchase yourself:

  1. You can buy a fishing rod from merchants (select the weapons menu, go to the last tab and scroll down to the bottom).
  2. You can get a unique fishing rod after completing all Skylar missions in the Whitetail Mountains (Jacob region).
  3. You can get a unique fishing rod after breaking all records in fishing at points with a high level of difficulty.

Game rods differ in characteristics. The best rods have the longest range and an increased chance of catching.

Try to unlock the “King of Fishing” skill as quickly as possible (Survival tree, four perk points). This skill makes the fish tire faster and unlocks new types of lures to help you catch a specific type of fish.

At the very beginning of the game, your character only has a basic decoy. After unlocking the aforementioned skill, you will be able to open the item wheel, select a fishing rod and switch between different types of lures. I advise you to always choose the right bait for the fish you are trying to catch at the moment. The fly, for example, is great for trout fishing.

Where can I go fishing?

Don’t try to fish wherever you want. Instead, you need to look for fishing spots – they are marked with special icons on the map. You can find out about new fishing spots:

  1. While exploring the world and finding new maps.
  2. When checking road signs.
  3. After finding new books on fishing.

Fishing spots are divided into regular and hard (by difficulty). In difficult places you can catch more valuable fish, but the difficulty will be higher and you will have to try.

How to catch fish in Far Cry 5?

Select a fishing spot and a fishing rod from inventory. You can also change the type of bait if you want. After that, you need to pull out the fishing rod and throw it into the water. Now drive the float through the water and try to hook the fish. After she bites on the bait, move the fishing rod in different directions and try to pull the fish towards you (pull the fish in the opposite direction from its jerks). Eventually the fish will get tired and you will easily catch them.

Fishing awards

Money – all caught fish can be sold to traders. The amount of money received depends on the type and weight of the fish.

Perk Points – Certain types of fish are associated with certain challenges. Try to go through them all. For completing each challenge, you will receive between one and three perk points. Fishing will help you quickly get perk points and upgrade your character.

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